Dark Crafts

In the dawn times of evil kings, these tyrant, thoughtless rulers would have people killed seeking pleasure in malevolence, blinded with carelessness, believing this as the token to summon the help of supernatural beings (not); in free will, drunk in undeserved power, their minds not wise and well trained to understand what all it takes to lead successful happy lives instead of misery and chaos.

All of us have to account of not confusing tools, sciences, thoughtfulness, philosophy, mindfulness, alignment, position, observation with pursuing deceptive evil craft, corrosive religious craft, summoning malicious intent, dark prayers , etc. for egotistical desires/pleasure, etc.

We can observe in time how these methods of “divide and conquer”, “destroy those who oppose me”, etc. do not work, but undoubtedly provided advantage only because of the destruction caused by poor decisions; the absolutely sick minded have forms of advantage because of the way they tricked, deceived, and dawned perfectly calculated chaos. For them is believed genius, while in a balanced outlook, outside fraternity or likeness of certain people or not, any peaceful person is able to see the destructive outcome of these corrupted groups. Malicious minds seek to confuse the idea of protecting oneself from the extremes that come harming us, with using violence as a means of acquiring one’s wishes, even if these wishes claim to be of “excellence”, the destructive means harm the proclaimed intentions.

Perhaps their methodology has intelligence, however it is not for them to determine intellectually the actual outcome of all their actions, because there is no wisdom, nor the traits within these people necessary to bring outwards their best selves; they are truly dumbfounded in ego.

Everyday people become terrified of chaos, and do not understand the psychology behind the extreme tactics used to demoralize them. Deceptive patterns, propped violence, extremism, along the push to silent anyone who promotes an opposing agenda are some of the destructive tools terrorists of every kind use.

When we pursue a healing approach to life, it’s a life pact, with many benefits, but also it will take from us in every way. Besides the obvious unfortunately, the world has every so often groups of people who cast outwards the diseases of their egotistical minds, and all of us are affected. Everyone of course has their weaknesses too, extreme cases been pretty dangerous to others if we don’t address the things deteriorating.

Power been neutral, is at the hands of all of us already. We are able to observe through time how in wisdom we have the tools we need for the understanding of both, ourselves and our wishes in order to be able to manifest the best, not as a fleeting moment of empty satisfaction, but a long lasting feeling of a meaningful life well built.

Deception cons people, and power is beautiful and an amazing feeling; however, we need to have wisdom, or it will enhance the dark part of a soul. The thing to remember is that no matter how much is acquired outside in assets, fame, accomplishment, people who follow/idolize, the human emotional parts cannot escape the fact it is within us all that we find that wholesome, happy, ample person.

Anger summons the worse out of everyone. This is why everyone needs to seek health in all its methods. It’s not about wants, romanticism, not even unity or friendships/alliances, money, influence, etc. but the wisdom absolutely necessary in urgency of people needing to shape who they are more than ever, in a world that dismisses the alarming state of things.

Everyone with broken beliefs create chaos in themselves deceitfully working on spreading anger, hatred, misinformation towards others, as well as eventually recruiting more victims to turn them into victimizers. The thing is that these decisions carry consequences as well; collapsing empires of hatred because these aren’t built with a prosperous philosophy in mind, therefore there is no profitable lasting outcome.

Losses don’t become obvious right away, however, when we are kind, we tend to make less mistakes and find frequent solutions because we don’t pursue egotistical centrist values, but focus on honesty and balance; do not do onto another what everyone wouldn’t want done to themselves has more applications than mere philosophy. When lust deceives the mind, it clouds the ability to think properly not only for everyone outside of us, but every person embracing the dark; wisdom always keeps in mind the self and others, because to be happy, successful, and benefit, everyone has to account the wellbeing of others, and the planet they are a part of inevitably.

Overall, weather we believe in magic craft, prayer, faith or not, it is pointless; we obviously have power that is fairly much in alignment of its worth in many aspects. It is key to manage this power well, and in awareness we are able to use it, not only to bring the best of ourselves outwards while manifesting prosperity at all levels, but we are in absolute need to account the wellbeing of all other people, animals, world and things around us, beyond emotions.

Power is neutral and we have the ability to master or destroy with it all; our will to build better or despondency towards others and the world, defines which way we lean as we form the person we are.

Instead of pursuing endless amounts of power, we should benefit first from pursuing wisdom to understand and apply in optimal ways whatever amount of faith, magic, power we already hold.

Angel Pendragon.

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