Depravity is an indication of dissatisfaction.

The amount of sex and/or partners is not an indication of fulfillment. The amount of victims is a sign of weakness, not strength.

The quality of our persona in actual actions is the most accurate measure externally, and the accounting of all taken actions (what’s hidden, the motives, etc); and the results, a better picture of what a person actually is, outside the charades show for public favouritism.

Depravity isn’t open about its whole decisions, and how it enacts them.

It’s not boxed to the bedroom, or arousal. It is within each individual that houses a mental environment corrupted; enough to give a human vessel to deterior its behaviour towards self and others over time.

Sexually happy people do not use or objectify anyone they have as mutually agreed and understood partner; they are happy and invest in their betterment and those they share their lives with. If we are powerful in any way, knowledge, mental, physical, asset and so on, our mastery is to help, protect, advance betterment of the planet and society, loved ones, etc.

You cannot love yourself if you are hurting others; weakness demands center stage, pushes others down, bullying, creating chaos, destroying what’s for benefit, in order to claim superiority, through inferior creations.
It’s more than a cry for help, but enacting the inner turmoil, reflecting damaged ideas outwards.

Only through honesty, and proper action by a person in their lives, can each go through actual transformation. When disturbed people get caught in their destructive patterns, they tend to change quite fast for the audience; sometimes even before public awareness of dishonest behaviour.

This is why openly talking about the damages, and wounds in a way to highlight errors as these become obvious under the light, helps prevent worse things in the future; as long as fair and just actions follow through in time by anyone in any position to serve and protect themselves, the planet, and all its inhabitants for present onwards.

Angel Pendragon

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