Financial Security – The Now

A philosophy and/or agenda that actually builds asset value is separate of the label people decide to use.

Think capitalism as one example.

It is a label that throws the minds of most who understand only the basic meaning of the word to wealth, but not the in depth understanding of true asset and value traits behind the many ways it is not a promise of riches to those who participate in it; think of the curses towards unwilling participants, both of present and future.

Values and laws are not equivalents, and even when laws are present, their applications will depend on the values of those in charge to execute them.

The irony and depth of life.

With this perspective, then it is understood why labels might help identify a group of traits, but never honestly a person, nor the group association, even of many whom willingly will associate themselves with one.

Think of people who call themselves by a faith, yet fail to withhold the most sacred of its values, for example.

Or, of labels that offer promise, yet do not deliver necessary the ideas/ ideals any person might have perceived because of their own personal perceptions – philosophical ideologies, political reforms, etc.

While the more similarities of something tend to attract most people who idealize these advertised traits, it does not mean each person who leads with this badge, will uphold in truth such collective understanding of acclaimed views/virtues.

The idea of selling some idea is often what leads most of those who abide by the enforcement of things like labels.

Its easier to create virtue in self favor even when undeserving, or shame, fear, discomfort towards the challenger if somehow they are able to be boxed in a toxic, distopic ideal, regardless of how authentic the associations too.

When we see a person that supports a majority of traits that can be labelled as X, then in say Y – representing its opposite, anything that fits said label would bring some level of reaction because of indoctrination by most boxed in labelled association.

Having understanding outside boxed beliefs, not only helps understand others but also planetary perspectives, social necessity, what are the most optimal answers at all moments of personal, and collective experience; from the chaos, to the advancing of the future.

The key is becoming zero in the equation.

To see asset, and value for present times and future as inevitably intertwined along the happiness and success of others in society and the partnership of nature, not just of immediate area, but of the entire structure of society across.

Angel Pendragon.

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