Wild Aftermath

Have been sharing on planet phenomena the last while on my social networks, because while scientific evidence already showed the disastrous results of everything poorly calculated, the things we call natural phenomena are also impacted heavily by poor human behaviour.

The mental is networked with action, and actions will ripple back.

The planet is autonomous, but we thinking species are as well, and the damage caused has repercussions for everyone involved.

Blaming others is extremely easy, taking proper action is not, but it is the absolute necessity in order to not only survive here/ in another planet, but hopefully thrive now and tomorrow as well.

Knowledge is only power that manifests better when applied with understanding/wisdom, otherwise, it’s a power tool on children’s hands; dangerous and evidently destructive.

Having more money, “power” over others, access to tools, technology, etc is useless in the face of the planet phenomena humanity is currently experiencing; it is also not helpful if the proper minds are not allowed to lead in the face of disaster.

For perspective, extreme fires in Australia as they are currently were predicted for 2040 – 2050 in scientific reports from not too far back.

We understand that wild weather takes everything from everyone suddenly experiencing these things.

With this understanding, wisdom asks from us to observe our decisions and manifest accordingly, if we wish better over destruction.

Ego based decisions carry heavy consequences, it’s not too abstract to understand basics.

If we think wealth, we think those aspects that make life worthwhile, in ego it is claiming supremacy and excess which in understanding and actual application, outside preference, it’s undeniable which approach will actually benefit.

Poor human behaviour destroys everything, even if it seems a win over others at first glance; oxygen, healthy food and pure water are absolute basics for human existence made only by the wild, and the more pleasure is wished in the human experience, the better these wild things have to be treated for everything else to be.

Everything is undeniably, and unavoidably co-dependant in success with the balance of all, regardless of faith or some knowledge views.

The planet is autonomous, but human impact can be the very cause of human extinction because of extremism, denial and ego based beliefs.

If humanity wishes to win as a species, it has to account all life in its prosperity or perish in foolishness, because of denial of facts and ego based decisions.

Awareness, awakening, mastery, ascension, whatever everyone wishes to name that, are all the understanding and humility of human condition.

Acceptance of the fact that Every animal needs one another as well as to work with the planet they originated from, not only to survive but thrive and live happily now passed on to tomorrow.

What is your legacy?

Angel Pendragon.

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