When Betterment Becomes Enforcement

Talking to my son about libraries from across the world, I explained to him about the fine line between knowledge, addressing flaws in society and erasing important factors from history all together.

I gave him as examples burning and eradication of toxic texts, teachings, etc of particular times such as world war, nazism, racism, etc.

While it is important to address the spread of toxic teachings and detrimental falsehoods, it isn’t through forced narratives but through knowledge that ultimately people learn and upkeep for themselves better values and perspectives, even if they encounter toxic information.

It goes with the saying: feed a man one fish and he won’t go hungry for a day, teach him how to fish, and he won’t be hungry again.

The lesson behind is to apply the essence of passing proper knowledge and wisdom, versus simply forming ideologies and repeating egotistical perspectives as absolute to others.

When we look at cults, religions, secret societies, even modern worship of technology hubs, celebrities and government we see at present, there is a push to the rise of totalitarianism and the worst of humanity representing it. Think of the pedophilia, sacrifice, fascist, narcissistic and even degrading propaganda, tech, etc that has been pushed the last while of our corrupt human chapter.

There is a fine line between order and enforcement, between knowing to teach, and programming people to follow blindly, or follow brainwash.
The truth is simple to understand. Basic things such as value of life, basic necessities, what is okay and isn’t in its fundamentals is universal.

Once we agree of something been damaging, it’s even simpler to advance ourselves and others beyond these things. Not as majority wins by numbers, again, but, the understanding of basics. For example, if we are on a boat and drill a hole on one side, it will still sink the whole boat. Convincing everyone on the boat of errors will not stop the water from getting in through the drilled hole.

Some matters aren’t as simple to address as a unit in the thinking of humanity, but when we look at the foundations of healthy views, it’s undeniable how the fundamentals are plenty to help us maintain and build a better and more peaceful society which also becomes profitable as it advances on the matters that affect all, versus on feeding division, fear, hatred, where only the few who are evil and toxic benefit from their lack of values, and promotion and maintenance of this toxic system they feed off of.

Leaving the piece of toxic information not unaddressed but dissected and made into a lesson to upgrade from, is far more valuable and useful in advancing the knowledge of the collective, over creating corruptive enforced perspective, erroneously enforcing ideologies, based on part truth, and mandates.

When instead of taking the time to help people learn, they are treated as less, this tends to awaken other emotions that might in ego and ignorance push people to extremes, where the toxic then is empowered in ignorance and fear which are unavoidable aftermath of forcing beliefs on others.

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