Wandering Into Lies

Not all birds flap their wings in the same manner to fly, and it’s the same for our purpose; each find themselves by been most honest to themselves, not forgetting that this includes untampered truth.

Constantly working on lying to others might live for a brief moment, but as it is its ability to transform to better not found, so it is its length through the scale of time, minimal.

All love stems from the heart of those tirelessly contributing to heal themselves; as an extension of time and interconnectedness, others. Love is purpose; not desire, but the actions selflessly taken to benefit others without expecting reward, nor denying the appraisal place of others.

The daily practice of lying, or its equivalent withholding the truth, builds into the psyche of the individual that these lies are now part of their truth, and lying to the self is ultimately the punishment on its own. Through time the aftermath of poor choices manifest the poorly decided before the present, before the future.

Lying daily does not mean speaking it or acting it directly out, but every second spent in a particular mindset is a better or worse, depending on the truth all are able to accept in themselves, even if difficult to others, or outloud.

Our happiness is most connected to ourselves first, not only in the self advocacy aspects, but in the person each decide to be to others and for others at all moments, preferably in truth. It’s never about the decisions that everyone makes, but begins and ends with our honesty to us, and as it is accomplished, it’s undeniable to others.

If each are true to themselves, it’s attached to living in this truth, and ergo living lies or speaking them are not of the same level; these become contradictive.

Lies and truth are not about who has the first or last word, or best speech, but the quality of how these actually manifest over time by actions. Lies do not lead to a better place mentally, physically, spiritually, or in knowledge or social building, as been honest does not end in acceptance, but begins by transforming action.

The best actions can only stem from a place of honesty. A better future can only manifest after the truth is born again, and beyond acceptance, better actions.

Overall, honesty is vital to a life of both, personal and social satisfaction. It’s impossible to lead with deceptive ways. It damages personal psyche, and a damaged person tends to damage those they interact with, even if unwillingly. Think of a machine with disturbed gears, it does not perform optimally.

Once truth is the flag of leadership in the individual, then finding purpose becomes transparent, as a healthy mind feeds into the psyche more than tranquility, but balances the views and actions that life is all about.

~Angel Pendragon~

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