The Path Of No Return

After having had many life changing experiences, as well as extreme physical exposure, and even been dead (NDE) a few ocasions, I know what is like to not be like every human out there.

All people are unique, and that’s a fact. But, there are those that no longer function as the rest of the herd. Different situations make the brain manifest chemicals and/or form memories that alter the way of interacting with the world we are surrounded with.

Some are born that way to uncover it after, and some become it overtime.

Sometimes it’s externally obvious, while others, invisible wounds are far too large to ignore for the person holding them, as more and more they are unable to address the world in a way everyone else could too see from their perspective how things are for them.

These wounds can be self inflicted by poor choices in awareness or unaware because lack of knowledge and/or understanding, as well as enforced by every chaotic person destroying others at an attempt to validate ego. Think of substance abuse, and war victims as two examples of many of how the brain is morphed.

The world has been running in chaos for so long, we were all born in it and groomed in whichever corner to fit a square, rather than allowed to be fully free and aware at first choice.

It’s not always the extreme, we also have the wild aspects we are faced with and these are there naturally to help us develop better methods and practises overtime.

Some may argue of elite privilege which has its truths in the afterwards of childhood to grown, however in the mental aspects we are influenced by parental views, which depending in our born circumstances and willpower could be easier to meliorate if that’s the selection as adults.

In lesser wisdom, closed democracy and poor values or extreme economic disadvantage, each can carry behaviours that destroy others and the world we are a part of, because these are the lessons, emotions, and circumstances influencing our beliefs and actions.

Freewill is always present though. Perhaps the path to obtaining our wishes are both uncomfortable and in those creating “easy”, destructive. However, we have selections if we tune to become aware of our particular situation.

Ego blinds because its ultimate goal is not to surpass former self destructive tendencies, but attempts to validate these as something else they are not; necessities.

If we want better, it takes the necessary work for it to be, otherwise we settle, and or ignore the facts and overtime things become worse because everyone’s corrupted disposition takes over balancing thoughts.

Complacency steals hope, healing, improvement, mastery, progress… Asking all to look elsewhere, away from where damage persists quietly.

Convenience can be comfortable because it does not challenge harmful patterns, but enables them. It’s distorted truth that counterfeits advancement.

This is not the same as to say if it’s difficult it’s appropriate, but rather that it takes time, order, honesty, and observation of all aspects to be able to make wise decisions.

In a world that has been built benefitting destructive traditions over awareness and wisdom, it is not easy the path to transform both ourselves and the world, but once we put the work honestly and openly without caving to deceptive and extremist discipline, we are able to manifest better methods, that overtime become more practical too, regardless of how different we are because of our experiences.

Angel Pendragon.

Wrote this article yesterday. I have a few, yet to post works from this week; I’ll try to post over the weekend.

Low energy, the pains, and also attending to responsibilities, a kid and the basics of everyday life also take strength and make art challenging.

Here I am though, and will be for whatever amount time allows.

Have a lovely Friday. ✨

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