Technocracy – Space, Satellites & The Spy Haven to Voyeuristic Pursues

Most satellites are on the highest part of space reachable to humans at present; few are sent across to explore the beyond, due to their costs and shelf life. The term satellite is a blanket-term describing a vehicle used to float above certain heights, for the purpose of other various technological applications. Some of these techs deployed in “space” are invasive, with a purpose of surveillance.

These same “space” places are where these “space shuttles” across the globe being talked so much about across media, have been going to.

Moon and beyond are not human feats still at present in October 2021, besides those few mentioned before in the 70s; only machines spend time beyond the protective atmosphere of the planet, and they have to be covered with many precious processes to attempt to survive the journey, etc. The Mars landers are often something admired, and hence the thought of human life possible on mars, as being a unique occasion of going beyond planned expectations by scientists.

See my Prior article on my philosophical take on space travel & the error, rushed priority of egocentric perspectives:

Things to understand for better perspective on the ability of camera and telescopic views from space, beyond the fauna and flora protection claims, when the creators of these technologies are forced to acknowledge public awareness.

Taking these things to the personal world of people, combined with lack of laws and or enforcing of them fairly, timely and properly; this, along the fallacy that there is a place to go to, even if somehow corrupt focused minds were to manage to throw a can of tin, filled with people and few planet basics like plants, it isn’t a pocket earth and super beings, other than super egos and fear driven ideologies that have no basis of balanced thought, believing themselves more because of schooling and position in very privilege and limited of struggle lives, even at the worst of social crisis points in history (think those that didn’t serve in world wars, and didn’t suffer consequences, or those in moments of slavery, apartheid in equal privilege, etc.).


The basic, quick view of mental deterior: Get to watch people; people unaware of these things happening across.

Toxic minds tend to start believing themselves superior, and ergo assume their thoughts are superior, hence pursue ideas without a honest take – denial is important to be successful in such environments (you’ve been lying to yourself about the wrongs you are doing when watching/profiling people, weather aware or unaware, ironically training your brain to automatically lie to yourself about many and other things subconscious and consciously, including about your abilities; like what cocaine does to its users, for example).

Denial is a powerful drug too.

Humans are animals. Second, these satellites and camera feed send all types of data, and it includes human life.

There are people who are mentally damaged in ways that are extremely harmful to society and to people as individuals too, that are not obvious. Sexual depravity for example, isn’t a low danger issue, and runs in low profile often as awareness of its distaste is obvious to all of us, even predators wouldn’t want what they do to others done to themselves necessarily.

This is besides putting people to watch people.

Perspective, porn is something acceptable in society, those who participate and defend it, get treated and paid really well often, a lot of them forgetting the open door to harm it creates, to others who aren’t willing &/or benefiting themselves, however. In their exclusive experience, they are doing it willingly, but I am sure wouldn’t like to find their privacy outside doesn’t exist, including their nakedness and sexual privacy; they wouldn’t like obsessed (read mentally ill/ psychopathic) people to target their personal and emotional lives either, etc.

In the system of surveillance this non staged aspect adds to their trill of being against the will of people, etc., which is often part of predator mentality, even if not exclusively sexual; it is also to be noted this behaviour is celebrated at the top of social circles, the careless predator mind. There have been whistleblowers that talk about passing around of people’s personal images (nudity, sex, toilet, menstrual, health matters, etc top choices and more) laughing in the spy circles, etc.

I am merely touching lightly on a disturbed reality most people seem to go their day in life, unaware of, or subconsciously ignoring, as feeling powerless to address; however it is in taboo and silence the worst aspects of reality are created, born and unleashed to harm the world; the basic accepted aspects of society overall, and science, even those who are very religious understand the basics of self preservation and the duality of also being capable of foolishly, and egotistically self destruct.

Nazism is an example I often mention because it it is one of the few most recent accepted examples in society of a truly messed up person and ideology uprising and spreading that was very obvious in facts (there are those at present that deserve the same labels that aren’t still being called as what they are, and are more from the source of private sector then buying out, lobbying and overtaking leadership and even non profit and like spaces), yet did succeed harming humanity to almost self destruct fully, by appealing to the egotistical aspects of the mind of those who wanted to feel superior, not because they had even worked for it, in sense of subjugated people against their oppressor, but merely by being part of a circle that said so, and validated their lack of self work and acknowledgement of error.

Pretending you are taller because you made the mountains flatter, mentality.

The coverage and spin on these techs hiding behind the claims is developed to protect wild life, etc. and the center priority of financing given, while several other urgent needs for actual betterment of human, other animal life and planet health are ignored.

Add the fact of lands being destroyed, poaching increasing at very alarming rates yearly, etc.; that’s also besides the social disturbances: violence, destruction, harm, abuse, lack of protection, and injustice from predators and the predatory state in society ever increasing, while freedoms are almost non existent.

These extremely alarming aspects of society should become priority to better focus to all levels of people across the planet.

~Angel Pendragon~

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