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How long can you hold your breath? That’s how long you can survive outside this beautiful planet you are privilege to still be on. That’s how long you can be without the beauty of plants, the ancient trees too been a network of health to the whole of the planet; hence the decay of the planet and human health (think viruses like COVID showing up, plagues, etc. on other living species including food sustaining plants and animals) since the protection and life is been cut, burned, etc.

Your meat needs plants by the way, you too, as you need oxygen, water to just exist; you learn about the whole cycle of life in early high school. You need healthy soil as part of that math too which nuclear pollution does not yield. One more item to the list of things that are presently done in society which are contributing to the damage of everything.

The aftermath of wars is severe destruction not only of what is man-made, but what men cannot make, and not matter how rich, or how much evil power on their hands to coerce, manipulate, etc., they simply are as frail as a flower in time when faced against the basics of their existence; think oxygen and water, the first two basics to human life that cannot be replicated by man or machine, period, as an example.

My understanding is that human advancement is to be about a better quality of life. If even by the most rotten and biggest gluttons of society standards, the living large of things is also deeply webbed to the sustainability of the resources to make those things too.

That tech, those products of beauty and others to use and buy, those luxuries; the places to vacation on, the food, the drinks, the drugs, the body stamina for other activities besides trying to survive every day, the luxury to bask in, etc. is connected to the whole of the health of the planet.

If you let the ego of men who are ought to prove something of their limited perception, not of betterment, guide you, you don’t get to complaint of the future. History and facts weight heavier than egotistical, geographical, ignorant fights – that’s what wars are about, more examples of what’s damaging.

Not matter the wealth and position, human life is tied to the planet; as per open science and public technological knowledge, there is no other life in the universe because there is no other known planet to humanity to harbor and provide the environmental system we enjoy while watching, contributing to its destruction and death because of ego centered damaged world and personal views.

Other animals and living beings don’t get like this, besides viruses; perspective.

The planet has taken billions of years in evolution to develop the atmosphere you are protected by; think a bad hot day at the beach is terrible? Try no ozone or beach which is one of the reasons why space travel is still an issue for humans, and not for bots and telescopes (that suffer severe damage eventually due to exposure of certain space factors), as we are shown with the many programs of cameras across the areas of the solar system, from the many space programs across the world.

Heavier than people machines are sent, that should clue you in to the reality and facts, above sensationalism and propaganda of people with severe mental health issues and too much power and access.

Human advancement is no longer happening, it has stagnated many years ago. Many of the things sold as advancement today have a huge irreversible cost on the things that are not replaceable that sustain life, including human; cash over value is the problem – eating the future so some get to elevate themselves over others, that’s it.

The illusion of advancement is ever expanding though, along the ignorance of acceptance by both: those playing tricks facing reality for what they’ve done, and those blinded that also fight against acceptance because it’s hard to own to their faults and the reality happening in front of them for which in ignorant and egotistic manners they’ve contribute to.

It is vital to the future of a person, society, the planet, human advancement, etc. that the favored technology, ideas, leader choices, etc are favored detached of measuring personal human accomplishment, and not enabling unchecked power to individuals, etc. This would help maintain focus on actual advancing of humanity, and seeing the planet as a unit, over the fragmented version as it is treated at present by most of those who make important decisions for others across the planet, in different areas of social development.

Fear driven lust for power yields terrible consequences to all, not just some. To the very people who push in those directions too; it can easily be observed in human history over and over. A lack of understanding of human evolution versus that of other animals, along civilization and historical voids, etc. can be added too for more perspective of the disconnection between the ego/fear power thirsty minds, ideals, and the application of evolutionary solutions vs egotistically driven illusions which ultimately are short lived.

I get that necessity is a thing, that there is a part of the self meant to shine too, and often it is meant to be seen in a positive light. But, it is supposed to be about those things in actual value forth versus only the lime light because it looks shiny, and been liked seems attractive, plus influencing others might bring perks because people reciprocate their love in different ways of support, etc. however it is supposed to be the aftermath of first giving others value for themselves, and their lives in one way or another.

While it might seem far fetched, there is opportunity to be an advanced species and live balanced with the planet, it’s in fact the only way to be truly advanced, to actually build a society that lasts, over self destruct after a while and pretend as if nothing has happened.

~Angel Pendragon.~

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