Targeted Harassment – When The cyber World Follows You In The Physical•

​Since the start of my “Orion” page, I became a target of particularly misogynist people who happen to practice occultism, leaning into predatory Satanism.

As I have been forced to look back into all exchanges of my life due to the nature of the events that forced themselves into it, I noticed certain patterns, and some of it I’ve referenced often as “alphanumeric games”, because of its twisted destructive psychological style of mental warfare use by certain groups of people, particularly observed online, then pushed further into life outside the net.

One particular thing I noticed in my very personal emotional life outside my son, is that I had multiple males with the letter “S” in their names someway approach me with deceptive friendliness.

This happened not long after I finally was able to address the toxic hold my ex had put on my life, the only man I had a long, mind you super toxic from the start, relationship since I ran away from the pedophilia hold I had since a kid.

Some background, the people who hurt me as a kid had also particular patterns; occultism, pedophilia clearly, heavy drug use, and also gang, secret practice alignments, violent, physically, mentally, sexually abusive, etc. Things I didn’t participate, or was taught anything but I saw and overheard plenty, not to mention abusers tend to have conversations of oversharing with their victims.

Some of the names that approached me online shortly after ex was removed by the police from my house, (ironically him having calling them claiming I was assaulting him because I was telling him to leave my home for months as he didn’t  pay for anything), were: “Stephen”, “Soother Of Souls”, “Sean”, “Sage” then after that, they changed it around. “CR”, “David”, “JPD”. There were also fake female online friends with same initial “S” and others around too pretending friendliness, only to later abandon in weird ways, for no reason.

Side note: This doesn’t mean there is something wrong with “S” names, or that I am against people with initial “S” around my life; I have no OCD or other mental issues that tend to cause people to become so obsessive in these things.

Something to keep in mind with these things: when every person who first approaches another person with friendliness then suddenly for no reason turn around and fake they are your victim to your audience purposely to damage your image and your message, and they are all with similar misogynist cultist and occultist views / practices and initial “S” happens to align too, something is highly likely related; keeping in mind the alphanumeric practices that are often found in occultism.

I overlooked and brushed off these things for years and it only got worse in how the harassment has happened in my life, as my silence seemed to signal to these toxic obsessive people that it’s okay, which shouldn’t, but destructive minds don’t favor value. They feign to though.

With “Sean” I held a short long distance relationship. This guy called himself “Time Travelling Wolf 333” back when he approached my social media, by following me on my “OrionQ” page, 2013? I was already into wolves long before him, talked about the relevance of time, sound, etc. with many others, and had inquired about wolves in dreams meaning, in the same online community I was active with, since at the time I wasn’t as aware of my spirituality as I am at present, and having dreams myself of many wolves and other animals even before seeing it online, made me wonder of further meaning.

I didn’t get any answers, but seeing other people having like experiences made me pursue more knowledge on the topic, and along my meditation, I developed my own understanding of all of these animal dreams. I used to post diet and body building, health, etc. as my topics on my page.

I didn’t know back then, but I learned much after my short relationship with “Sean” soured, that he is a Hollywood celebrity trainer, and lives in Malibu because his dad has some fancy car dealership business or something of that line, & has vineyards in another country (at least that’s how he painted himself after; can’t confirm, he never did or gave me anything, nor was I seeking, I didn’t know any of it when we were closer, nor do these things matter to me as personal achievement). Some background to understand my stance at all these points.

Also, I’d like to point the celebrity links given what has happened since; his occultist views, etc. show a pattern again.

Don’t assume every person in Hollywood is bad, that been known / famous is all in the same group, etc. Life is a lot more complex than that, but do assume it happens that toxic and destructive people work together, and seek all positions.

Outside these characters’ actions, I still put my efforts on my art & philosophy. Over time, I focused my page more on knowledge since this was the main thing most of my followers liked, next to my poetry.

I mixed science with spirituality and art, and presented it to people in ways they can apply it to their lives. How food affects the psyche, how everything we do, etc. affects all of our parts. This is why I also became so popular in the “woke” and “spiritual” circles, and many shared my work across the internet, even though I only posted to Instagram at the time.

Though I had “OrionQ” registered too as a web page, I didn’t build much on it. People also asked me often to write a book, and since it wasn’t within my means then, I did my best to build openly on my Instagram as a way to promote myself and help people, not to be plagiarized & twisted which is what some toxic individuals have done with my message.

This guy “Sean” had a friend “Svet” who approached me very friendly, and mentioned how my art and poetry aligned with her friend’s, meaning him, and I said thanks, I had seen some of it and it was nice. I didn’t know they knew each other but had seen her posts under the tags I used then, and her comment under his posts, since he already followed my page and I followed his.“Svet” became my friend, and talked to me almost daily. We shared personal thoughts and about life, and though I found it odd, back then I didn’t think too much when she told me though she was in a relationship, she had feelings for a guy with the same name as the ex that later on Sean tried to say I am married to, my kid’s father; a toxic deadbeat person mind you. For perspective “Sean” and “ex” also happen to be the same zodiac sign which I found a weird coincidence given the whole same name of “Svet’s” friend.

I advised “Svet” not to play like that with her life, and to prioritize putting order to her feelings, and deciding honestly what she felt and applied it in her life. I also mentioned to her the weird coincidence of the ex and her male friend, and I left it at that, never assuming it was more than coincidence.

“Sean” courted me while he still was after his ex, only to move attention from myself to him digitally. Sean started to call himself Orion, and not only this, he actually plagiarized in every piece he posted; I found out later on one of his supposed pieces on a blog & that’s when I realized he was been fake. This was much after we stopped talking mind you.Sean courted me while he still was after his ex, only to move attention from myself to him digitally. Sean started to call himself Orion, and not only this, he actually plagiarized in every piece he posted; I found out later on one of his supposed pieces on a blog & that’s when I realized he was been fake. This was much after we stopped talking mind you.When I called him out on his ex “Hailey”, he didn’t talk to me, instead he blocked me and started to spread misinformation. Saying things in indirects like I am married, a cheater, gold digger, etc. For perspective, I had posted a selfie of mine on my social media with the song from Frozen “Let It Go” as lyrics under it. Myself been from a place of snow, Canada. Before his bs and others like him showed up, I had a selfie wearing a blue blouse with a snowflake on, as part of my social media profile.This man posted a picture of Sub Zero and Elza under the poem or song he plagiarized saying he was cheated and used.Mortal Kombat been a game I had mentioned I played plenty since a little kid many times not just to him, but others, there was a recent plagiarism in a release of the game as I called out: going sour, Sean used to tag me on his “romantic” posts, and even leave heart comments under mine, and tag me under other people’s post who followed my work, etc. We had a very short long distance relationship. I sent a package of presents to Svet once, and added a present for him too, we talked on the phone, text, etc.After this charades of trying to smear my persona online because he wanted the attention, I simply posted a poem of myself as my take of ending his toxic, weird psychological warfare on me. I moved on from explaining lines to my usual poems. Others approached to collaborate making art and poetry too, so I focused on all these things instead, besides school, other work, my kid, etc.People kept following and supporting my digital work, so this man kept calling himself Orion through his games and plagiarist posts.This other toxic charcter “SootherOfSouls” too, started to target the females on my audience, since they left personal details often on their comments as they felt moved by my words.I began to delete the comments to make sure they wouldn’t be targeted, so then pretense kindness from females in the toxic circle began to show up on my posts.At the time I didn’t know it was feigned to pretend I belonged to their toxic circles.One particular woman invited me to write for their page that she called “sisters” something else. It was supposedly all female about spirituality and positivism, so I accepted to contribute to their page, again not knowing better then.After a few weeks, she then says if we want to reach people we should open the “sister” group to males and there she inserted this toxic character “Soother Of Souls” back in. As I saw that, my alert went up, and I participated a bit less. There were others so I observed for a short while.Once I saw the shift of the page with allowing this toxic male leader in, I used my real life work as an excuse to exit the group, without removing myself from the group chat. Wished everyone well, and left.The very next day, the only other male in the group besides this “Soother” guy was kicked out. I am assuming they forgot I was still in the chat, but they bashed him in the most toxic of ways, including using things like “clairvoyance” as reasons to. This “Soother” guy and this “Lynn” woman who had first approached me, both claimed they could see visions of angels, and spirits, etc. They said they saw how this other male they kicked out was sending dark energy into our meditations. To me no offence to anyone who practices this type of spirituality, was more than enough to address them face to face.I don’t believe in portraying this false sense of channeling, or clairvoyance of seeing angels, spirits, gods, death people, etc. that’s corrupted spirituality right there, I won’t go into the details, those who know, know.I also have stated I don’t believe, nor follow or align with the audience in the “woke” community who call themselves from “this” or “that” planet, etc. That’s pretty egocentric, and there is more than claims to fill a label, to fit a name, to be a __.Spirituality is a personal experience, not something to be used for fame, or power.Religions have done this same garbage for thousands of years, a “new age” label means nothing more than a new disguise to misguide those who feel empty in the traditional setting of deceptive religion.Anything that requires you to purchase and to align with negative aspects in your person isn’t spirituality, even if it promises bounty material, or I should say particularly. Example: the disturbing false perceptions sold as “Law Of Attraction” which is again, sales and mental conditioning tactics to cash out on the ignorant.LOA is supposed to about bettering the emotional, and mental, not filling the mind to serve the lowest aspects of ego in lust and greed.If you have to worship error males, buy things, sign away your rights (NDAs, cultist mentality of sacrifice some for a “greater” cause, etc), or / and if it tickles at your ego, it’s not spirituality, it’s not powerful philosophy, it’s not about a positive future, not matter how it is twisted for appeal purposes.Back to this topic of been targeted by egotistic misogynist digitally, I confronted this people with their claims over this other man, and told them it was very empty a reason for a whole group of people to suddenly align themselves so fast against a person they don’t know more of.I so happened to know well about the accuser “Soother” and his dark practices online since before I was Orion, under a different account he had approached me and asked me to chat with him, saying he has spiritual powers and wishes to help me heal and advance, bs, bs.He wanted me to get on camera naked and touch myself and send it to him… let’s just say my reaction was WTF spirituality ish is this psycho talking about?! and I stopped talking to him.He later approached me in my orion page too, I am not sure he knew he had approached me before under a different account, and tried to befriend me, but knowing his “spiritual” BS and seeing how he kept targeting every female that followed me, I blocked and removed him from my page.These people in the chat unanimously disagreed with me, some even told me off and blocked me, simply for asking for more than “soother of souls” & “lynn”‘ supposed vision as motives to kick the other person out, very politely too.I reached out separately to a person I followed online from before, they told me they were staying, saying that the “soother” person was right according to their personal unaffiliated “clairvoyant” friend, and so that just raised my suspicion of them too as I know more directly from my experience before what this character was about. I left the chat there.I reached out to the one man that was kicked out, and asked why he left, he said he was taken out and given not much explanation, so I realized this was all a game of smear to this people, and since he was truly the only other male in the group, he was on the way of this misogynist “soother” and his goal of pinning females under his psychotic wing.They weren’t happy I left, because I was a person who was admired and had gained people’s ears when it comes to philosophy given my unifying message.I blocked the toxic, and decided to slow my posting but was still active on my page since people were very into my poetry and philosophy.I attended some events locally too, and as I was supported, I tried to keep up with my posting.The “Sean” guy kept posting himself as Orion, a different digital friend mentioned it since they also noticed how he seemed to write indirects to my posts, and it so happened that it was in this timeline that I had found a poem he used to pass as his and the original author when I was searching for poetry hubs.I simply posted the poem and the picture the author had shared, and quoted the original, as I added my usual talk about my day, the food, and the spiritual message of that moment on my social media, I did this almost daily.I didn’t mention “Sean”, nor said how someone had plagiarized the artist, etc. I only posted the poem and the actual author under it.Please note this plagiarism situation pattern, as it happens that Elon Musk and Grimes among others have done this, particularly recently.Musk and Grimes having espionage tools at their disposal, not only from their own open statements online and to media, but the exposure of abuse by people working at Tesla who have described Musk’s obsessions with using espionage technology, some of many other things that have proven their alignment of fascist application of tech, for quite disturbed motives too.Myself been targeted for the value of my art and philosophy, especially on doing it openly, free of charge and how it has helped people who are needy, but also how my message is unifying peace and balance.Let’s not forget Grimes’ an Elon Musk’s gross pedophilia alignments, Jeffrey Epstein, and other things which are part of the things I’ve been a victim of since a kid.Elon Musk’s actual shorts sold summer 2020 were promoted using a pedophile pianist as a reference, while Elon Musk said he agreed it says “SEC” “Suck Elon’s”, you get it. Grimes too posting anime pedophilia, and her cultists attacking me with degrading, racist, sexual slave references under my posts. – Some perspective.*pic of shorts gross statements *Grimes pedophilia tweet*Jeffrey Epstein saying they are BFFs Within a few weeks of myself posting the original poem and the original author this character “Sean” had plagiarized, and my post been share by other pages, a character named “Sage” followed my page, liked a bunch of my poems, and left multiple comments under my posts.He wasn’t the only person then, I used to get a lot of people who did that, and I also had been shout out by “woke” pages with very large following, so my activity online was high.I used to try and reply to everyone and look at their pages when I had time, leave some words, etc. Then I noticed this “Sage” guy was a poet, photographer too, and had okay rhymes so I followed back. I followed alike pages then male or female, because to me it was about the message not dating or psycho games of ignorant, bored, damned people, myself not thinking of fake people, or false-flag-like operations by toxic individuals online.Although I was becoming quite popular on this circle of artists, musicians, and overall “woke” online community, at this time, I personally focused on leaving the noise and been more with myself. True practice of these values and messages I share.Other false friendly women had approached me, one very persistent in person at an event announced online that I attended, who lied to me about been molested by her father just so I would talk about my personal life to her. She also kept going about how obsessed with sexuality she was etc. Quite disturbing, I know. Please note at this time I hadn’t yet mentioned been sexually abused, or how it happened, so it really was disturbing for her to go there so specifically, lying, especially following the things prior.She didn’t know my home, I don’t invite people over, and I hadn’t had much interaction with her personally, so I kept blowing her off until she got the message.By this, it was end of 2015, and I had decided to return online. When I did, I noticed a lot of depressive people around, and that guy “Sage” began to post things saying things like “Only Orion knows my heart” etc. To myself I thought WTF again, I don’t know him, does this man mean he’s depressed and seeking for words of wisdom? To me in his cryptic wording he sounded suicidal, so I left a few positive words because I like to help people, and at the time I didn’t know this man was purposely targeting me, sent by “Sean”.I wrote poetry and photography, art for a while, talked about romantic relationships a lot too for years, so I returned to talk about all these topics and use my poetry since it was what my original fans loved the most.This “Sage” guy kept writing like he was replying to my posts, and would often post right after I would post which I thought was weird, but wasn’t trying to read too deep into it, it’s the internet, and I simply thought it was coincidence.Furthering into the end of the year, he started to chat more privately, and since I thought he was some sort of depressed person going alone at it, and he portrayed himself as this poor artist who is alone, etc. Since I can relate in that, I thought it’d be nice to help someone in psychological necessity since I have the mental power to do so, I also used to assume only the best of qualities are in every person, and often assumed others feel and think as am.One day I replied to his talk of music with some songs which weren’t romantic even, and saying what types I liked plus how lyrics to me are meaningful,etc since he had inquired, then asked him “who do you like”. He then changed the conversation fully started to insult me, said that he knows my “soul twin”, saying he has no romantic interest, and furthering into claiming I stop trying to pursue him, etc. I said wow, you are talking music and I am asking who do you like as in music, artists. That’s literally what had been going in our chat, sharing song titles and types of music, myself playing the piano is something I had already talked about openly on my page, and as I said previously since early days sound theory is something I covered and shared, along music, and lyrics long before all this crazy misogynists occultists drama.This “sage” character played the guitar for perspective. At that time I thought he was confused, may be someone had lied to him about myself, I had seen a comment of Sean under one of his posts, so I thought may be he had approached him and smeared my name with lies? I didn’t know what was going on, and I had thought this “sage” guy was been authentic with me, so I felt broken trying to figure out how I was possibly misleading people, not knowing I was been targeted.Ex too kept trying to force himself into my life at the time of this “Sage” character doing these things, and claiming he could see spiritual things around the same time I am been set up (ex never was spiritual remotely and called himself an athiest when we were together, some more perspective in all of this psychotic game). ex even said something truly messed up as, you don’t know who you are, but many of us sit at the big table and eat of you. I thought that was F up, and asked him where he was coming from with that, and he said, no matter what I do, I am the food others eat and that’s my purpose in life. Yeah, I know messed up, keeping in mind he was persistently trying to insert himself in my life at this specific time and was trying to pretend he wanted me to consider to be with him, while I felt it was really messed up he was asking this, and then he says that.For those that don’t know, “Twin Soul”, “Soul Twin”, “Twin Flame” is similar to the concept of “Soulmate”, and it’s one of the many topics I covered in my page before any of these people showed up.Twin union refers to the concept of “one true love” something I came across for years since I was a kid, and furthered in as a christian person. A lot of what I do has revolved around this concept too, hence the loving tone of my art, poetry, music and philosophy.“Sage” blocked me, and put up a video of himself singing depressingly claiming he was cheated, deceived, saying “You are a liar and a cheater”, etc. When did this sudden set up happened? On Sean’s birthday end of 2015.Perspective of messed up practices of occultism. Alphanumeric games. Ex and “Sean’s” birthday been in the same zodiac, “sage” the very following sign. There are a lot of toxic individuals that believe in using others as offerings of energy towards their benefit. Very disturbed world views, but they misconstrue the concepts of energy flow, and those spiritual and scientific perspectives. Think of pedophiles, the practices of abuse in secret societies and religions as it has been observed with the catholic church, one example of many, and people like Jeffrey Epstein running such a large operation and so many influential names been involved, which include religions, government, social, monarchs, celebrities, etc.These people aren’t knowledgeable or smart, simply cunning and greedy so they only seek things to apply to self serve. They unify and take over leadership, tools, technology, powwer to excerpt power over others. Properly addressed, this shouldn’t be the situation in our society.By the way, a bunch of other individuals around these “Sage” and “Sean” characters were playing around too, from the artists and “woke” communities, etc. At the end, notice how technology hubs play a role in determining who gets seeing. I was doing very well until I became a target, and since, it has been a constant battle, and over time it has been quite disturbing at what lengths I am silenced for no valid reason. Example as recent as a few days ago, Twitter deleting many posts which had been up for months, showing it wasn’t abuse of rules, but because they provided powerful evidence, exposing the plagiarism of Elon Musk and Grimes.The goal of these people has been to smear my image from day one, or / and try to say I am simply glorifying some misogynous male, if you notice the trend. I was also labelled a lesbian / bi-sexual to further these weird psychological warfare smear campaigns.This “Sage” character kept trying to wrap himself around my art and poetry like Sean did previously, after having done what he did, and also blocking me after playing victim on Sean’s birthday.In 2016 I opened my Polaris (changed to: “a963” later – a mathematical thing, and after that it became: 0pendragon) page which was to focus on my poetry separately from my philosophy, though I was been attacked still and mislabeled by these toxic monsters online.I took a break in the late spring after been around some photography events, and since I volunteered at an art house, I focused more on that and my health. I returned with more art and poetry to both my pages later in the summer and was doing very well. My personal time helped me connect better with my own purpose.This “sage” character started with b.s. indirects again, after I had been posting again for a while. I found out because a digital friend messaged me about it, because she thought he had feelings for me. I explained to her he’s a toxic monster and not to allow those kind of mind games get to her emotions, only toxic people toy like that.Since my photography did so well, and this toxic character of “sage” wasn’t able to wrap me in his games any longer, another character showed up, some photographer with initials “CR”. This time he didn’t get personal in DMs, but liked my posts strategically, and did the whole indirect replies timed at the same as mine. I had kept wring my philosophies and sharing my love themed poetry, and I used to follow this character “CR” before he started with the indirect reply style of posting, because he was running a contest I participated in – photography related; I even thought back then he was just some old man photographer, I didn’t follow him for personal interest.I actually don’t pursue people, and I don’t believe in dating for prospect, people tend to lie and deceive like in job interviews just desperate for attention, and feelings are our “alma”, not a toy for emotional narcissists to feed off of. Perspective.Back to this topic, this character “CR” tried to do the same smear campaign. Timing of indirect replies aiming to seem romantically linked, then as he returned from some failed assignment he was on and had been posting non stop about it, he played himself as victim of been cheated on and why he didn’t succeed in this assignment of his. This time the victim male came around my birthday. There were also indirect rumors that I had linked with a photographer “CB” who is married and ran an event in the city I live in, since I attended the events he did, and also followed and participated on his pages online before, hence how I found out about the events.August 2017 I was focused on my art, photography, and spending time outdoors with my kid. Then I had the terrible car accident in September, that almost costed me my life. Though I dodged a worse outcome, my health was affected over the months, and within a year the pains became constant and the damage of the accident became more obvious as the months passed.I still tried to push through, writing, sharing, working with my photography I had taken all those months, etc. This is then when my computer suddenly got the blue screen of death and I lost most of my photography from this summer timeline and the events.I still kept pushing through, been active online, etc. And this is when the character “David” showed up.I won’t build on David’s story on this same post, but I thought before jumping into it, to show a particular pattern of smear I have been put through for years.All these people have in common many things which include male as above women beliefs, women cannot lead, occultist “self serving use others” satanist alignments, and they all claimed to be my romantic victim when in fact never held serious relationships with me, and they often mistreated me even in the little bit of our exchanges.When a female is seeing as a person of value, knowledge – a powerful lead, those who like to believe women are inferior, those who want to glorify themselves as things they aren’t, and overall toxic destructive mentalities love to destroy a person who actually embodies these positive things.Once again, if I have your attention this far, I have no issues with letters, I don’t think any particular name is to be hated. Myself addressing it publicly is because there was been much harm multiplied and worsened over the years in all aspects of my life and others around, where I am for one not a criminal, or someone unwell and damaging to be isolated from society, in fact I have been positive as much as I’ve been able to be a part of the world.I also am not indicating these people all work together, or are associated. If that’s the case, that’s the most toxic and ignorant thing I have ever seen. I however believe in targeted harassment of like destructive minded people. Just as kind people like to help promote kindness, so does destructive minds promote damaging philosophies. If they see something opportunistic, they will add to it however they identify things as they do what they do. Some with cheap psychology, some have also technology at their disposal, and other things like power, money ,etc.I am also not a satanist, not a magician, not in any group secret society, entity, religion, sect, coven, or organization that has power or practices anything I have benefited in any way from. I am not a witch, a wiccan, etc. nor have I been taught, initiated, or given anything material or immaterial by others that has made me into anything; through belief or through science, period.I say this because my concepts of art and other things have been taken into the wrong ideas, and I want to make sure those who actually do follow what I do, not by stealing from me, but learning and acknowledging the master of the lesson given their pain through earning it, aren’t mislead.I respect what others choose for themselves in the universal law of cause no harm to person, or land, to present or future. I also don’t intrude, but often if not most of what I have been through, has been forced upon my path by exactly the people who are pro harm, weather openly or behind excuses.Would you as a christian allow a terrible person call themselves a christian without you speaking out?It’s the same principal for calling anything else outside one religion, outside religion, in all aspects of life.Before been too preoccupied with the external is the self first, always and from there in actual purity of seeing life for what it is, from our own actual participation first, not of egotistical beliefs. Only then are we actually able to be better people, not to brag to the world to gain favor, as to again be deceptive, in repeating destructive patterns, but in application.Accountability.Payment is a must of life. There is no better version of “us” as individual people without openly owning to the wrongs, and better acting forward; not in indirect and half truths again, forms of protecting egotistical destructive aspects, but forging a better open path ahead.Angel Pendragon.​

Angel Pendragon.

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