Knowledge without wisdom is empty.

Pursuing things without thoughtful understanding is what has constantly made the world chaotic and destructive, versus keeping humanity in track to improvement.

We have a busy and active world, technology is transforming all the time, yet, we are as a species whom is supposedly evolved, destroying our future faster than we make it worthwhile.

Instead of thinking on how to turn the tide – face our reality for what it has become, admit where everyone from the past, as well as as a collective in present (and individuals) have made erroneous choices, everyone tends to dismiss honesty, and rather play games with others as much as possible to avoid having to face the truth.

We’ve called it human nature, but I feel human nature is no longer nature, rather human ego; the debilitating chaos of total denial.

It’s a war within for everyone; those that become aware, awaken to their peace as they let go of egocentric approach, for one of wellness.

You don’t have anything beneficial to loose if you are focused on improvement; ego blinds and corrodes. It makes the mind trapped believe the only way to “win” is to destroy another.

I’ve talked about our interconnected world many times over the years. Before I talked about it, others have in their words made a point of it; it’s the reality we awaken to when we quiet the ego, and hear the hive that is already in ALL of us.

We have those natural tendencies when young and unexperienced, as well as before harmful hands touch us too far to ruin us.

The power of the individual within never vanishes though.

It becomes that tug of war in our hearts, begging for us to awaken to our purity; the imprint of divine that is in all that is alive, and made in the inspiration of all living things; art.

We are art that is aware and awake in motion.

Our desire to organize, to make new, to unite, to build, to transform, and on, are all things that are written beyond collective decisions; these are all forces manifesting naturally in all of us.

We don’t need to write it down and learn it from someone; we already have it by default.

This is what I refer to as purpose.

When we are able to move to the design written within; when instead of chasing for erroneous methods to be accepted, even if it means brutal force and chaos, we find a way of making our dreams a part of the masterpiece, we are flowing with the wisdom of the all.

It’s not meant to be complicated.

However, given the walk away from honesty over the years, it becomes haunting to think of what it takes to actually improve, versus denying and turning back to the same mistakes over and over which is always easier.

Are we doomed?

It’s up to a way of thinking, and a way of behaving.

What thoughts we nurture will be the benefits of our manifestations (or curse!).

Back to within.

The world we live in is a powerful reflection of who we are inside. It takes more than a few to manifest improvement, as much as big dreams need us to include the wellbeing of now and the future for others outside ourselves; outside our faiths and beliefs.

Are dreams meant to make an individual happy? Yes, when we think well of what that means.

There cannot be happiness at the price of bloodshed (false sense due to denial is there), that’s destructive and that’s not a dream; it’s more of an egocentric wish that demands its manifestation for pleasure that is only lived for the seconds it gets away with destroying, and will require more of the same disturbance in order to keep going, versus the blessing of work well intended that improves not momentarily, but for transformation to better overtime for the individual and others.

Our health within is the key to happiness.

We can have a lot of physical money, things, fame, and even an image, yet that emptiness as a feeling will never disappear until we face ourselves within.

It’s not the quantity of what you own, but how well you understand its magic abilities beyond a price tag; what an asset is worth for yourself now and in the future – the impact in others as well.

As we understand this, not only are we able to dream freely, but our dreams are no longer just for our happiness, but they inevitably become the happiness of others.

It’s not utopic to think that for humanity to truly advance, our dreams need to be worked in thoughtfulness of all, not just some or worse, not just us versus most.

Do we want to be memorized because of our thoughtfulness, or because of destruction/corruption? We have the key to our own stories by how we decide to be at all moments.

Be wise with your power.

By: Angel Pendragon.

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