May 15 2022


Article on Slave Trade, used without acknowledgement or permission to pass law, Elon Musk acknowledged as things he is not, who is plagiarizing my life, added to points below, display the necessity of having to talk about such vile ignorance openly in detail.


Add, trying to ignore the assaults of my life, because I openly stated not to assault people in my behalf, only as people behind it being the same behind my asssults are trying to tie to my life and my name, because below it also displays the username, it adds to evidence of wrong doing and pretexts to force isolation and silence of targeted, abused person.

The individual listed is not a known or affiliated person, nor has done anything of any gain or benefit, and in equal abuse, a known fact to all involved.


I also have written thought provoking articles on issues that have affected the Biden administration. It is in both my aware educated thinker take, and in unawareness then of the tasteless stupidity of games, and abuse, of Hunter Biden representing Elon Musk, and my guess Biden Iger, Jinping, Putin Grimes, Salman alliance? Regardless, the ignorance and mock on society, while further driving humanity into deterioration are facts no one can ever escape.

Those pretending that my direct acts are best taken back, while expecting social contributions to be taken and reclaimed will be waiting until whatever takes course, in an ignorance favoring world.


Keeping in mind how the Biden administration has benefited from my knowledge non stop, and the horrendousness I am put through, nothing I have done to deserve, I am posting here two images that show some of the horrific things I am being put through.

From sex abuse, my home life on every detail including my son’s used as voyeurism porn, pedophilia etc in black markets and elite military networks, all my things literally in home, money and knowledge, professional, data etc stolen, my private life health etc mocked, etc. Both my son and I are harassed, assaulted, and worse.

The statement by the white house posted below was done much after both, my change of my Twitter banner, and myself in the privacy of my home, all devices shut off, no internet, watching the Simpsons and hitting that episode. All this besides several other facts show the cameras against my will and awareness in my home, by the way. Exactly why I have a set up to remove any tech aclaimed as to this is “how” or “why”, etc. Too late to say no, by the way.




You can see the obvious. You can look up Gaga Biden, then Gaga Musk MET gala 2017, and Grimes Gaga since 2018, when Musk debuted his relationship with Grimes at MET Gala 2018 targeting me (the theme was “heavenly bodies” my legal name” Angel”, Grimes’tweets with Musk since “Making cyborg dragon” “make me a cyborg/ humanoid body” “Alexa laughs an angel dies” “we are dating because of Rococo Basilisk Joke”, “dressed as goth cyborg/ humanoid”, “our joke is about torturing a person, stealing their lives, pretending to be AI – artificial intelligence, but we use AI as code for what she posted about (AI – Augmenting Intelligence), Augmenting our intelligence image by stealing her knowledge and things and pretend is us originally, Musk reached because I did it successfully before, and his and Amber’s attempt with Iger was trunkated by Angel’s actions”, also the Marie Antoinette reference besides being the parents that abused her sexually and all names, adds to the eat cake, since someone made OrionQ cake to mock about destroying her in 2014, Angel used to own website”OrionQ” (see her modeling username in website for model portfolios”model mayhem”), and was very popular, Angel used name “Elizabeth Duflot” to protect her identity since “Go Daddy” had published all her details on the internet; see Musk using later “D-David” and Grimes “Lizzy Wizzy”, Lizzy being the nickname given to Elizabeth; did you people see my mocks of Queen Elizabeth? and me, lol. (needles to say I’m mocking their statements by explaining what they actually meant) . You can read about that, look at evidence and more under all posts of: “” but if more specific to my story, a lot of it under article titled: “My Story

Musk and partners are targeting me using Rococo Basilisk Joke, and it’s literally not only explained on my site “ AFTER as you can see Biden benefiting from my material posted, but these actions announced AFTER I shared the wrong I am being put through, and they’ve benefited from more things, as recent as this month. If September 11 changed the world the way it did, what do you think they are after? Protecting and giving you a better future? That’s Trump, Musk, Jinping, Putin, Salman, all these corporate military political world coup partnered and made at the foot of a pedophilia rape ring with their diseased by them former friend and glue of the club Mr. Jeffrey Epstein.

Joe Biden photographed with Lady Gaga, who is partners with Grimes, because they are in the same prostitutes for pedophilia club. Gaga is also clearly shown tattoos matched and all in the video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter smoking crack, and so not forget the material in their computer, the ties of Zelensky to Musk and Jinping, and back to Putin.

Musk’s famous words 2019 to the president of Bolivia over the harm thrown to land, environment, civilization, and society in the country of Bolivia to steal their natural resources: “We can coup whoever we want, deal with it.”.

Myself a respected person being smeared as prostitute of elite men trash, terrorist, agent, etc simply because they have abused my life, use my life as a sex abuse show, have videos of when I was sexually abused as a kid they’ve turned into pedophile club material, this is out of military FBI, DEA, RCMP (Canada), etc., records by the way.

The adding Grimes for complete harassment 24/7 with cult to harm my voice because I am smart and my posts make people think, that way they can advance this worldwide tech elite bought military government politics agenda. See Musk’s MET date with Grimes outfit: “Every detail tells a story”, why they are dating same interview: “Rococo Basilisk Joke”, and getting angry over mislabelled or mis talk of their outfits, etc; Musk wore a jacket with latin inscription “New World Order”.

Another part of Rococo Basilisk Joke, making LGTBQ a disease and prostitution affiliation. Gaga, Grimes and friends have brought an exclusive image of LGTBQ as playing lesbian/ bisexual/ gay for the pleasure of porn/ sexual degradation. Simultaneously that anyone can be turned gay, therefore anyone gay can become straight too – if reverse conversion therapy is, so is traditional conversion therapy.

Myself very publicly known as model and artist that has supported LGTBQ people plenty, although I am heterosexual, including later on adding it to my themes covered in both Adonaiorion which is planetary matters, and my philosophical and spiritual/ occult topics on Orion. Attacked by lesbian for rich men Grimes and Amber Heard, including the mock of pretending they turned me bisexual/ lesbian, which in turn has helped expand an anti LGTBQ agenda worldwide, successfully, since Grimes and Musk’s fake break up and “Lesbian AI Black swan opera ballet” album she titled: “Book 04.

As you can see, little regard for people, for society, for the present or the future. Drug addicts, old people who do not care about anything but their next high and keeping themselves in places they know they don’t deserve, and cause harm short and long term. If you let them, they will be the reason to your end, see COVID, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Afghanistan, and the lost goes on and on.

Original article below. 


If every country joins a treaty of peace, it’s the same as if no country joined anything, but agreed to peace, defined in a bipartisan manner. This is the best way I can sum my opinion on all those talking about NATO, and countries that have been put under war pressures, talking about joining. 

I’ll add, this is not to say NATO equates to perfection, as it is but a title, and those behind that title and promises are the people who shape the meaning, and therefore the actions behind it. 

As with anything that involves the wellbeing of people present and future, it has to always be a public space, and open to scrutiny of fair judgement (fair calls that focus on solutions over the criticized, not destructive gang behavior with pretext of being about disagreeing with leadership, to coup for other political interests). Otherwise, whatever ideals become yet again, institutions enforcing the will of few upon others. 

If peace across lands & talk about basic human rights is an issue, then the intentions aren’t of elected leadership by people. The same, deserve to be free from the few who rise up to subjugate them, regardless of where in the world these things are happening. 

It isn’t for wars & weapons to come with capes as pretence saviours, but open talks & the few at fault be the ones dealing with the costs, been held publicly open accountable for their wrongs, not billions of average people, because of weapons & other profit driven priorities, while those at fault rest & benefit most from deception pretending to be justice. 

Regardless of the belief system, any leader that wishes prosperity and benefit for themselves and people around them, private or public in the title, then can’t deny how much justice, fairness, accountability are part of that great equation. 

If the desire is to be leaders for bettering the life of those been led, all aspects of what this actually means have to be always accounted for, otherwise, it becomes disastrous, and life is then lived trying to pretend otherwise, as it seems often the case these days across private and public servants of all labels, globally. 

Differences, issues, etc. are best dealt with openly, as early as caught, and continuously. If such approaches are favored across society, then larger problems are more often than not avoided, and if not, to the least diminished. Not only this, but peace then is more possible in a more fair society, and with true peace, there’s less division.

There’s no need to enforce things (secretly or openly) as there isn’t unfairness, secretly masquerading as otherwise. 

Intellect that actually benefits society isn’t of who knows or can subjugate most for more in the least questioned and or ability of being stopped/ noticed by others; again, things that have become more an emblem of what values are represented and upheld across civilization as idealistic these days. 

With these things in mind, addressing some of the present day issues that are creating further harsh living conditions for many globally and expanding, on top of what COVID and the many poor calls around it have done and continue to, shouldn’t seem so divided and far, that those leaders often caught in polarizing opinions with others, cannot find a middle to. 

A more fair society isn’t only a path to living peacefully, but to actual progress and advancement. 

Prosperity being tied to peace, peace to fairness and actual justice, is something I’ve talked about plenty, and a perfect reminder around every issue that seems to arise from people who seem to forget these basic facts, to financial and otherwise success. 

Further escalation and or continuation of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, for example, are not only destructive to the people in the area, but will ripple endlessly across, also inviting further wars locally in division of political polarities for many nations, but also exasperate existing, international tensions. 

My words of a thoughtful leadership stance around the issues that were happening internally in Russia last year 2021, still stand.

If the desire is to be a memorable leader, and both personal and nations’ wellbeing are in mind, talks about peace, and respecting country’s independence shouldn’t be a complicated matter;

this is only the case in nefarious mindsets, which even then, are small sighted, often blinded from the bigger picture of what truly is at stake present and or future. 

Part of being a great leader is being honest to oneself, and making only decisions based on that untainted perspective. 

Egotistical public stances are of people desperate to be validated as things they aren’t, because they want that kind of power over the minds of others; that isn’t how leaders think or behave. 

Being honest comes with admitting mistakes, and taking action that is not about one’s image, but about adjusting to address mistakes, to avoid worse later for ourselves, and those under our leadership. 

The situation with Russia and Ukrane is not solely on Russia either to continue and or end. Every country that has and continues to prioritize on multiplication of weapons while simultaneously attacking Russian people overall and their wellbeing, for the actions that are by very few compared to the full country, it’s very wrong. 

If the true objective is to stop war, open, honest talks, and also support of local people are the means to. 

The only fair way to address corruption of leaders private and public is by the people of the country, and if other leaders only wanted to address inequality elsewhere, they would start by talking openly about these matters; then again this type of corruption where the focus is thrown somewhere else, is happening almost everywhere. 

Russian people have the power to address the corruption of their leadership, as much as any other country, but throwing people in extreme situations, wrapping them in the blanket of few who choose to profit from weapons isn’t a means to help them, or least let them, is actually a tool to help tyranny rise further. 

If leaders across the globe who wish to help Ukraine and other innocent bystanders, actually wish to move towards peace, the support of local people is the only means to. 

Not of weapon civil wars, militias, again, but of public discourse, of helping people leave the war, including military servants, etc.; of making sure people aren’t forced to join divisive stances to survive, and or to help those that depend on them too. 

Attacking the people who are influential from a particular nation, isn’t addressing a war situation. I can understand certain people who are key to war interests, yet often it isn’t those people who are targeted, but people who can actually turn the page of worsening situations. 

A true stance towards peace from Ukrainian leaders and those supporting Ukraine also comes with addressing the handling of this situation locally. The amount of aid going towards Ukraine is

very large, yet, only a small amount is towards Ukrainian people and their necessities, or building for the benefit of those most affected during conflict, most is been spent mainly on weapons, and only those whose business and stock interests revolve around these, are profiting and benefiting from this war and the means of handling it.

Mr. Putin, and Mr. Zelensky aren’t heroes or villains. They are merely elected leaders who need to put their public image and personal views aside, and understand their calls and actions are affecting millions of people who elected them for that. To ignore certain things, and create characters of them beyond their roles as public servants, is wrong and removing attention from where this matters. 

I think that Mr. Putin has a lot to respond to Russian people for, and should focus on making decisions that are looking out for the benefit of Russian people which is unavoidably tied to peace.

Mr. Zelensky is wrong to focus on public image, and the west too condoning and endorsing these actions, while simultaneously he is previously involved with Trump impeachment issues, in a country that has civil war tensions rising based on political party polarity, involving prior and present presidential parties. 

Inviting Mr. Zelensky to a Hollywood event as war is rising in the country he is elected to lead, even having political figures and celebrities show discontent publicly around him, possibly not attending, is disturbing to say the least. 

Both Ukrainian and Russian people are suffering greatly, and both Ukrainian and Russian people are the ones being ignored and pretentiously being helped right now, as few are merely seeking the spotlight in the hearts of a tired and unhappy society. 

Needless to say that continuation of ignorant choices isn’t a path to shifting from the climate of strife and destruction, to peace and prosperity, as much as these actions are not what actual leadership is either, nor the thoughts or actions of smart, advanced individuals. 

Angel Pendragon.
Toronto, ON 


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