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Democracy is a system explained as designed to return power of structure to people on civilization – more decentralized, to allow people at all levels to have a say on how resources of their smaller groupings, known as nations/ countries are spent, as well as how citizens/ people in each nation are treated. Gender, race, orientation, faith, economic status all also differentiate from place to place, however, the inequality gap growing across the globe, due to waste as well as greed, taking from all over the place, doesn’t have a border.

In nations where human rights are priority regardless of statuses, while equally people are allowed to elect their leadership, there is still a chance of some help for people, as rights allow them to raise questions on actions by leaders, where as countries that aren’t democratic, people are born and forced to live by the standards of whoever is in charge, regardless of their fairness or true heart to people in service, knowledge and application.

It’s not to say that elections equate to a perfected nation by any means, western countries as democratic as most are, aren’t any better on same issues poorly addressed by other more rigidly led nations, but freedoms allow some space to make changes as well as hold accountable every leader/ program, etc. placed for the supposed wellbeing of a group of people somewhere, including ourselves; the necessity to take action too and know how, when, etc. matters as much, and knowing when to support who or what also, if what we seek is to improve our shared experience as a society, of course; those with greed in mind, especially financial, will always try to hijack any means possible where resources/ power are, regardless of.

Unless selected leaders are held accountable all throughout, and this becoming a means of building society by all its members, improvement isn’t going to happen, as those making half or empty calls, do not care about these matters since they aren’t the ones shouldering the costs of bloodshed, pain, suffering, famine, debt, poverty, limitations of social growth and success due to expenses of basic life rising, while salaries and social benefits are stale, or snail pace improved.

The obvious self destructive tendencies of civil non tangible structures that are known happened in time, are happening now; not everything is destined to always end in shrews after it grows so big though, however, just because there are many means to something, doesn’t mean some are to be taken simply for reaching one point, without accounting further the costs as well, that’s how the wrong choices are made, and that’s how the troublesome situations faced as a civilization got where they have gotten on previous ones and present day.

Platforms presented by aspiring leaders in democracy are the same as those presented by any other permanently established leadership establishment; they are to be looked beyond promises or “propaganda”, as how factual they have been past, present, and future, what is different from old times that truly offers something promising where promises unfulfilled is often the premise?

Democracy/ the ability to have some say on social structures isn’t something up for debate, but the way civilization keeps been shaped, is around giving totalitarian style of power to few over all, which is not okay.

Where it is still somewhat present, it is more and more under threat by the same, arising through puppet like political movements that pose as something that calls to the attention the public, only to prop something else that does not benefit the wellbeing of the same public.

If left unattended or to angry, extremist movements, then it is bound to be fully lost, under the excuses of terrorism, branded on top of usual civil freedoms, such as those of questioning political figures/ laws and their impact on society wherever we live, and with things like insurrections for the wrong things, at the wrong places, and times, where other more appropriate means have not been approached, it becomes easier to implement laws that take away from civil abilities to address rising inequality, and or tyranny, be political, or otherwise, as it is been found with the private technology sector and technocracy, for example.

Whether you wish to agree based on upbringing, fears, social status, power, position or not, every living being is born free, with the exact same amounts of rights and responsibilities to the planet and all its good and bad givens as any other one. The limitations and distortions happen at the hands of humanity; while some might say the worse is limited to some places only, if these are still enabled some way across, it is why these things take place still, while the same civilization seeks to expand beyond planet.

At the same time of freedoms, there are responsibilities, and if the whole of the world was left to be upkept by the poor hand of greed and waste, then, resources are well, wasted, and conflict, among other undesirable things grow too; why structure, leadership, order, accountability, etc. are all highly needed structures in building and advancing anything, especially a society, and their integrity part of social success.

The quality of the members of every part of the structures that organize and advance civilization are as important as having a system that works. Why democracy works, but for it to do so at full potential, those postulating themselves, are to be equally held accountable for the power roles they are given over the wellbeing and patrimony of others, not to be confused with grudge and or belief based favoritism however; whether you want to be led under whichever label – democrat, liberal, republican, conservative, communist, anarchist, socialist, etc. doesn’t matter, what matters always and anywhere is the quality of life been led, not just as an individual, but as a society, as even if you aren’t of thought towards the wellbeing of others, the quality of society deeply impacts each individual’s ability to enjoy theirs too.

What can any person do anywhere? Depending on how much financial power, economic, social position (women or slave status in some nations still deem them as less), there is always something, and while not all answers fit the same, it is in learning more about the impact of our lives on the structures we are a part of, that gives the knowledge and skills necessary to understanding them, giving us power to also shift them to better than what we are in. While not always peacefully, there are many means to helping ourselves and others in different situations, which should always be our favoured approach as much as possible.

Those with more voice and privilege, even if not financial, should too learn from the places where democratic and other basic freedoms are not there, to appreciate theirs, but also, to understand why these matters, political, and economical are of importance for all beyond greed and or other selfish stances such as camaraderies as in sports happen too, but of wellbeing for self and others simultaneously, short and long term, regardless of certain personal preferences, as these are the foundations where the present and future are made and shaped, even beyond our lives, and our time, that of future generations as well; even in the most selfish of takes, our enjoyment is tied to the peace and abundance allowed to exist outside ourselves not to few who want to bully their pleasures out of others, but as an overall state of the society we are unavoidably a part of, regardless of political affiliations, or officially established freedoms/ rights.

~Angel Pendragon~
04.19.2022 10:48

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