Love What You Do, Do What You Love

The saying: “Love what you do, do what you love.” some interpret it as what they in their small perception of meaning, and desire understand.

An often found answer has been: “I love money.” done by those whose life is limited to a competition of value, where there’s none, simply from misunderstanding what money is, the purpose of life, its circumstances, and meaning of.

Necesity and the usage of monetary trade for the covering of such is undeniable, but as it says so on the understanding where money matters, is as a measure of trade for goods and services, not a way to live life, nor a provision on itself, and only goes as far as it is useful and or accepted by the collective providing & or purchasing goods, and services.

Majority agreeing/disagreeing doesn’t mean benefit or not, nor takes away from the self destructive, but expands it to a collective issue, given society is composed of people, and a large amount of people’s poor choices increases the set backs for society too, not just their individual ignorance.

For example things like inflation exist because of such type of chain reactions on social structures, even in the most free of worlds; few dictating for all isn’t the answer either, as much as the need for leadership, structure, protective agencies and their integrity too, essential to healthy, thriving civilizations.

Though in modern days the definition of “goods” and “services” has been expanded to include certain less beneficial and or useful to society commodities, given the opportunity they present to take advantage of the vulnerable to those whom seek such situations, the usage of cash is still for the purpose of upgrading quality of life, even for the most criminal of minds.

To everyone, regardless of how ignorant and their awareness of this fact, money is still simply a tool to trade for what is sought; with this in mind then, the questioning of intentions is unnecessary, as the basic understanding of motives to continue to seek money as top life priority are about adding to quality of personal life.

Whether it is stock investments, purchasing, creating, or selling something, the understanding is that it serves a purpose to people and or society, beyond monetary exchange; in other words, simply moving money back and forth isn’t creating value whatsoever even if in the stock market it is inflating the value of stocks.

In present times, creates issues around tech, social development, the vision of where society should be focusing, plus the biggest issue and present delicate situation that threatens humanity, the waste of resources that are limited and key to the way civilization has developed.

The overfocus on cash pursues are devoid of meaning, egotistical, and lead to empty lives often too, even if openly because of personal image, denied.

A healthy planet, peaceful social dynamics across people and nations, not of ignoring injustice, but of setting social systems that address these fairly, promptly at the root to avoid worse conflicts, is the only means to thriving economies and growing civilizations.

Cash, a tool prioritized while glazing over these things, and removing attention from the aspects of humanity and social dynamics around these is not just moronic and selfish, but also such actions set the road to self destruction.

To love a better life than the uncertainty of necessity and lack of provision isn’t wrong, the opposite isn’t to love money though, nor will the pursue of, solve the situations anywhere, as cash isn’t the provisions; nor, is the promise of something, overstatement of usage or value, or the constant push for “it” to later, useful to advance, or to help present or future situations of need.

Should the average person throw away their possessions, and or deny themselves their wages? That’d be an ignorant take on what I am talking about, though each are free to choose at their will, most certainly, the consequences of the choices aren’t a free choice though.

It’s about knowing what to invest on, and exactly what that means, and how to measure true progress over perception created for the purpose of distraction/ deception by those with alter motives.

If legal organizations, if large stake holders, if people seek the value and provision of, on their financial and personal pursues, while holding providers of future benefit promises accountable than simply perpetrating that money alone is what is needed to fix or to make something, an advancing and thriving civilization is not only possible, but so would be prosperity, and ergo quality of life, and things like peace, collaboration, honesty, accountability be more possible; money is simply but a fractional tool temporarily used for another means.

“Love what you do, do what you love.”, then is best understood as pursue to live a life doing things that add value to society which you also enjoy, and in such, adding to the progress of, be compensated.

It is also important that the same society protects itself from those whom exercise their freewill in manners to take from others present and or future.

The perception of what is something desired as ones purpose/ service to society is also an aspect to keep in mind on the fabric of collective knowledge. If for example, someone seeks to be an artist because in their vision it is about fame, gain, and some other form of misconception, it affects the focuses of what meaning and happiness are to those individuals.

Further elaborating on this example, art isn’t supposed to be a commercialized chase, and art with purpose is as much profitable too, as is as any other medium or means of making a living beyond artistic pursues.

Salaries, benefits, or other aspects of a career do not add to life satisfaction, even if the benefits of cash are large; in fact for artists, and many more high profile careers, these benefits only become accessible mainly when talented (or in case of some plagiarism and or misleading about), if not disturbed from been able to fulfill one’s personal path of course; emotional fulfillment is detached of financial circumstances, as it is often evidential in the more personal dynamics of people’s lives.

Talent and love for what one does are connected; financial benefit too, if society learns to be more fair and prioritize on recognition and retribution of true value and authenticity, and the vision of adding to progress, over pretending to.

Justice, accountability, but also opportunity, and knowledge of more than simply laboring skills, personal worth and emotional wealth are important to advancing not only people and technology, but everything else too.

Imagine going to a doctor that practices medicine because they love what they do, and pharmaceuticals focused on advancing people improving lives, not on creating cash (yet still been highly profitable), tech developed to give opportunity to disadvantage rather than to control, coerce, even plagiarize, and degrade with voyeuristic focuses; what would a society of this type would be like?

Important to be able to tell apart too, what is promising to the future, actual present progress, and everything been promised by certain businesses & or people in influential positions that are simply seeking to put their names above others, devoid of any actual value or benefit short and long term, besides creating the illusion of it/ wealth, while degrading the value of the most useful intangible asset as it is knowledge too.

~Angel Pendragon~
Toronto, ON

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