Lower Case Idiotic (Poem)

You compare yourself to me, as if your league and mine were ever to interact; save your verified fake applause, made in slaved countries statues, and verified marks, that’s not where life matters most.

An indebted and headed to destruction world doesn’t get to call what should be best kept in high stats; it’s obvious to anyone with a little smarts.

I understand the difference when lessons come with comparisons to help the basic mind understand the complexities of life; so when I say life is like a game, I understand the difference between likeness and actually being.

I’ve had a life you couldn’t even fathom in your mind. You’ve been on easy road all your life, yet want to be adored, liked and seen as something you simply do not understand.

Not only unable to see this very basic thing, you are also evil, calculative, and don’t care what it takes to get your deceiving wish. Harming and targeting an original story and representation of suffering, keeping the light lit, and trying for better every day, no matter the ill received, because not only you wanted to be seen, you wanted the price to be paid in blood spilled by the same you take from, as if that were to fill…


You think yours is harshest out of entitlement.

Yet go out of your way to call yourself profound, inspiring, peaceful, a voice of betterment, beautiful and a lot of things your hands and acts do the opposite in time.

I can say things for what they are without feeling ugly inside, because I also ensure I see mine and walk the way I want to be seen as, that not even those who paint me in their lies can truly get away with, where ignorance is not the supposed light.


Many tell themselves those things all the time. Many buy those things all the time. Many live chasing those things all the time. Many see their solutions in these things all the time.

Any smart person does not deny themselves their errors, regardless of the scenario.

But, egotistically rooted error methods, will never be without also blinding the true to the self of where the error begins, and every step that follows, as denial is combined with ignorance.

At any point, freedom is only through admittance not only to the self, but the actions that have to be followed for any path to shift.

Punishment is a word, and its meaning only given by the heart and the weight of what it holds.

No, I don’t mean the heretics of pleasure, but the selflessness of been all for others, not in the hopes of greedfull claiming applause. It’s also not about sacrificing a true message and its master, for the elevation and glorifying of damaged personalities.


For the dumbest of errors. Because the pain caused to others is not to be lightly accounted, if ours is to matter as much in any way of seeing reality. Not denying justice where evil reigns supreme.


Is of seeing the self and all choices. The need to stand up, and where to bow the self in service of the broken and frail.

It’s not an egotistical manic mind that chooses the ways to pay for their deceit. Everyone who feels entitled to skip their life’s karma, earns more of that punishment they fear, as they run away, denying their very reality crumbling.

Imagine a small thread pulled from a favorite blouse, then the thread pulled constantly, unraveling the whole thing until only a small rag. The same goes as mistakes are ignored and piled in pretense games, that might fool temporarily, as it only compiles the error to be worse with every passing day.

You compare yourself to me, because you are unhappy.

You try hard to make it seem like there is something I should wish to aspire to be from who you pretend to be, as you so desperately rip me off and shove yourself on my face begging for my attention, because that’s the way your mind thinks.

You call yourself savage, while you have a trail of wishing to be somebodies doing your bits, and a whole lot of others you use as shields; laughing and gloating about things you only paid to exist but didn’t do to begin; with money stolen from what is essentially by design and the actuality of life free too, ironically, but, stupid men don’t think.

You watch me, sabotage my digital and real life, even as far as to cause harm, copy, plagiarize my ideas, try to silence my voice, my ability to be seen, erase my art, rip me off, pay for cheap, ugly, empty minds to join your too commonly human error, man cause.

After all, there have been many just like you through the history of mankind, don’t assume my expositions are because you are breaking me; there is a reason why everyone in your lame games circle is so obsessed with all that I am, and though I don’t have much, the envy chalice pours endlessly its poison towards my cause.

You compare yourself to me, and live to do all these things endlessly, while simultaneously having to feign who you are, how you feel, and pretend you aren’t broken while you seek for ways to divert the stories of your foolish ways.

Talk about fake freedom, and ephemeral chain balls, while thinking repetitive lies chanted are positive mantras bettering the mind, that does not know or understand peace or a smart call.

Am not who I was, nor am I to ever want to say thank you. Not out of ego, but because it’d be inviting what is understood is damaging as if it were necessary, when the mind knows there are always better ways to build ahead.

Surviving, inspired by the legacy of what was, and knowing there is more than what the small jaded minds want for another person at any and all times.

You compare yourself to me, and make sure to inflict hell, so I would notice your ignorant games and deeds. But, at all points, I have only bothered to compare myself to who I was and the person am building in time.

This is why I am all the things you chase, whether you want to own up to your mistakes or not, that’s not the point of my words.

You chase, am simply all myself.

~ Angel Pendragon. ~

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