Injustice ~ Thoughts On My Plagiarism & Harassment Situation With Elon Reeve Musk, Robert Allen Iger, Grimes/ Claire Elisse Boucher, Amber Laura Heard, & Affiliates

There are those who want to pretend I am too controversial.

The same are ok with couping, protesting, etc. on behalf of pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves; having them as CEOs, celebrity & political paid, talked about public figures, etc.

I’m an actual survivor of child abuses, with evidence. Mentioning this part is due to the horrendous vile, corrupt actions in my life.

I’ve been known popularly since the 90s published, etc. due to my talents, but also outside of that, popular because of my social philanthropic and for planet benefit actions, among my professional career in business, tech, etc and my many other paid and unpaid contributions.

From pioneering movements, organizations, etc. in non profit (including public schools, shelters, mental health hubs, Christian churches and outside that as well), safety, human rights, emergency relief, environmental issues, successful fundraisers, and other forms of service, to more.

From working and helping people accomplish their professional goals, to building and fixing systems in communications and tech development, and more, without training or guidance.

From being a prolific fashionista, aesthetician, hairdresser and color style master, and other professional areas of beauty and fashion, to also a known and highly sought out executive sales and trader of minerals of high price, in the industry.

As a designer of jewelry and trade master, often asked by business professionals nation and worldwide to design and or assist with their marketing and selection of products for their niche clientele, whom often enjoyed my selections, and hence how I became prolific in the industry without trying; I had people looking for me where I went for fun, even at my home without myself sharing my details, because of how known for my abilities I had become. Quite popular in the precious stones and metals trade for many years, until I disappeared purposely from the scene.

Outside of all of that and more not mentioned, as a writer, philosopher, poet, artist, painter, dancer, musical theater, even published cover magazine and special featured fashion couture model, and film works.

Opening the part of my survival is because of these people’s rotten assaults, never for seeking a platform for gain, games or fame. Anyone who isn’t biased can look at my stuff, etc and know so for fact.

I have being famous without ever talking about the hardships I’ve endured; in fact, only mentioning being a survivor of abuses – literally just that, has attracted non stop pretense lovers (males/ females {though I am not bisexual or lesbian}, with half ass careers online trying to pretend they are my lover/ friend/ affiliates, some even pretend to be “my creator/master/ owner of my art, words”, trying to paint me as “a bend over for fame doll”, given the way I write and how admired I’ve being for that, along being a positive kind person, them doing it besides to diminish and humiliate a POC {person of color} female, with disabilities, who’s survived pedophilia incest, captivity, forced labour by a nazi supremacist sympathizer, but also to attract envious individuals who think are stealing “my true love”, but also for those who follow people based on what dumb, rotten, ignorant beliefs they have of what is actually influence and isn’t). In all of these stuff, also being ignored, etc., including police, etc.

When people know you’ve been abused, they see it as an opportunity to diminish you.

Grimes’, Iger’s, Heard’s, Musk’s gaslighting actions of my past, knowing I am a person with physical disabilities, so is my son, alone, no family, friends or places of power to help, besides knowing in details they shouldn’t know about the specifics of my captivity abuse, shows the level of corrosive mentality that runs around places where people like them lead/ influence and/ or build.

You’ll notice most talk of child abuse and other forms of, and survivors is revolved around already famous people, and or fake abuse victims made out of famous or seeking fame people (Amber Heard abusing Johnny Depp, then with the help of Musk trying to past herself as a “me too” victim to boost her & Musk’s image and career, Eliza Bleu, who helped Musk pass the lie a month ago {February 2023} that twitter is addressing child porn and human trafficking, even getting an award and interviews, promotions too, while faking her years as a video vixen were forced abuse, then gaslighting and attacking journalists, etc.), and never of a person who’s actually endured it; don’t be surprised if in the next three years you hear of any of these dolls found out or yet not being built in rios of my life and art, suddenly having some story, it’s right aligned with their usual wrong.

Here I am an actual talented ,original artist, who’s worked hard, helped people in her life, a disabled single mother of a disabled child, a refugee minority who’s dealt with tons of sexism, racism, stereotypes too, an ex (son’s father) constantly humiliating them with claiming white (especially eastern european) women are better women because they are submissive (talk about ignorance, rottenness, and no surprise he’s an Elon Musk cultist, as per my son told me on one of the last times he visited him, after the harassment by musk, Iger and dolls began, myself having shared some of the vileness details with my kid, so him noticing how this man who parades by sperm donation only as his father was attempting to get him excited over the same abusing our lives), besides several other abuses and no respect or support of his own child. Add to this list, myself done no wrongs ever, only controversy is proving the abuses through legit, normal methods in ways others cannot, so my “sin” being extra smart here over those perpetrating, and because the place/ individuals where harm and wrongs are coming from, sit with money and government influence, I am obstetrized, and tried to be painted as something I am not. Further dare to ask obvious answer, question as to: “why”? To protect human trafficking, war promoters, doers, and mongers, murderers, coupers, thieves, pedophiles, rapists, etc. 

My controversy is not only overcoming hell as a kid & adult (even beyond at present with these people), but helping the needy through my struggles, and I am not talking about posts online. Posts I’ve never offered for free by the way, for those gawking to reap and profit, or take for self promotion.

Stating facts to those who feel I should shut up if I’m such a positive person, in other words telling an abuse victim while being abused that a positive person enables and welcomes abuse and abusers.

My words as a survivor, have helped others who deal with the horrendousness of PTSD from them being actually abused; things abusers and fake abuse victims, plus their enablers through funding, protection or ignoring wouldn’t be able to ever understand, until they are gripped heavily by the same and worse, in a path of no return.

Whatever you feel uncomfortable with on anything I’ve ever shared online, even beyond this story of horror by presently famous, worthless individuals, it’s because of the hideousness of social actions, not because of myself, the person with knowledge (and the targeted, abused) sharing in detail (with plenty of side by side, irrefutable evidence) what I’ve come across, because authorities are not only shielding the abusers, but are partaking, (see attending police laughing and mocking while ignoring the situation my son and I were just assaulted on, and even changing the topic to make it about these people who persecute our lives for their personal trill, out of nowhere); finding authorities are participating in and/or idling over, wrongs is a duty to expose, if you give a damn about a better future, besides my son and I being the ones hurt by these actions and inactions.

Don’t forget  my knowing is because I am the person being abused and I am a former captivity, incest, rape, abuse, forced labour survivor, not because I am abusive, to others in any shape or form, nor hacking, harming, or linked to anything or anyone, rich, poor, famous, nor in positions of privilege or not, in other words while struggling and no one in any place ever helping me the slightest, even on these things I’ve researched and shared online, let alone more.

You wouldn’t condemn those who took a stance on the nazi uprise, and decided it wasn’t okay as that reality expanded across.

You wouldn’t obstetrize Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and many more who took stances against racism and other forms of abuses when it was the law and frowned upon to even consider it a wrong, etc.

You wouldn’t mock people like Daniel Ellsberg, Reality Winner, etc., whom have being in positions of privilege, and comfortable careers, where they did not need to do anything of what they did, and in their actions, they knew they’d lose the things (and did right away) they’ve worked for, even their basic human rights (being framed as mentally ill by then sitting presidents of USA, and having the arsenal of all military and like orgs against them for trying to stop wrong doing, being put in jail, lose their lives as they’ve known, respect, even family, friends, assets, career, credibility, etc), undeservingly, but the abuses, the wrongs in society, and the irreparable destruction of civilization, mattered to them above the discomforts of understanding the facts they are faced with, and refusing to hide the truth.

I am not a former/ present/ future military contractor, employee, etc. I am not connected, employed, NDA anything for bending over for rich people, or anything alike or other for/ from anyone famous, rich, political, government, secret society, whatever else, poor, gang, militia, basement dweller superhero, whatever other lame excuse acclaimed by the same abusing/ protecting abusers, whom are also billions dollars financed in government funding (Grimes and Elon Musk both have collected billions of dollars worldwide in government funding over several years, to present, and so are their partners).

Even as a survivor, I’ve only been forced to take disability income because of the theft, targeting, harm in my life; my actual physical impairments and my son’s, weren’t even why mainly, even though they are heavily painful and crippling themselves, I’ve always tried to do work, even volunteer my physical time, in spite of being in pain literally all the time; I’ve been working since I was six years old, as if being disabled and helping people isn’t plenty, while trash people fake philanthropy and collect undeserved, no needed government and other like funds.

The same rotten individuals harming my life, are profiting millions and millions, plus getting awards, written as creators of, etc. over my intellectual property, and simultaneously also collect millions & billions of USD dollars amounts of government funding worldwide, proven to be wasted over and over.

Grimes collected 3 figured poor artist funds from Quebec city Canada (among many others), where she didn’t live or is from, she bought a mansion in Los Angeles California, USA, and in the time of collecting, was being endorsed everywhere, paid for by Elon musk and circle as well (cyberpunk game, everything around Anthropocene, selling soul, her posing as poet, painter, photographer – as you see taken from me, her many political endorsements passed as philosophy, again taken from my stuff, twisted to promote an extremists Reich like worldwide communist agenda in behalf of Xi Jinping CCP, and Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin, along Prince Salman, Turkey, N Korea, etc. Musk’s private and public contracts and financial favours, during Trump presidency, & much more), Grimes did not apologize/ paid back Quebec poor artist funds when people wrote about it, and had an army of Musk like (lots of “communism or die” people who have only known privilege & feel doing drugs, quitting school & claiming “F the government, & big business” while being violent and doing extremists style of protesting in behalf of/ for specific commercial and coup government rotten interests, the same people whom simultaneously think they are tech stock entrepreneurs because someone trying to destroy economies for war paid them a few bitcoins as a thank you token for committing crimes in their behalf, & gave them Ponzi advice {so they can get what they paid them back and then some out of the free slaves pockets; if you knew about trade, you’d understand how stupid you’ve been, btw} – them not a clue of what is and isn’t proper financial understanding due to meme & trash talk time spent, & since such knowledge cannot be summarized on a tweet, ignored, it’s totally being “woke”!, and the same also believe videogames and real life weapons are totally equal experiences! “Oh yeah, believe it!” I grew up in the Colombian ghettos when it was the worst country in the world, at the peak of wars, militias and anarchy, myself being a poor kid forced among poor mafia people. Perspective.) keyboard warriors defending Grimes’ wrongs (racism several times, pedophilia watching fanatic, as well as endorser, participate/ procure?, coup defender/ endorser, political wrongs defender, promoter of extremists views, violence, local small businesses and neighborhoods destruction, literally in her lyrics and political views public statements & art, etc.).

There’s more of course, both public knowledge and also unknown, look at my story and see the evidence of Grimes aka Claire Elisse Boucher ways of subtweeting me, even though I don’t read her stuff, her knowing people who follow my stuff, see, and sometimes share on their feed, and I’d possibly come across it, since I interact with my followers, etc.

For Musk is the same & given his position and false image as “smart”, while they are ignorant, rotten and stupid, larger/ worse.

See the case of Solar City, one huge deal government funding of billions case of bankruptcy and wasted public funds, add many other benefits he reaped on top of billions of funding alone (beyond Solar City also), including tax exemptions, special awarded contracts, land and buildings property of the city etc.

No justice to people, investors affected or to the city, state, or country (tax payers funds; Elon Reeve Musk has also cheated his taxes, see the many investigations made public of that), given people like Trump & Biden chosen as president give Musk, Iger, etc privilege over other Americans; Musk isn’t American by the way, and he’s significantly flamboyant about his American hatred, and loyalty and dedication to the foreign nations in tension wars with the USA, while coup governments individuals done by the same group of people, give the keys of security, finances, the entirety of the nation to tyrant, anti freedoms dictatorship style governments and their affiliates. People in Hong Kong, China, etc aren’t seeking refuge in other countries because it’s a cool, nice government and lifestyle, but when trashy people are cushioned, they don’t realize what is what, they only care to be cushioned for life, not seeing the big picture (they are assisting a life they couldn’t live okay in), not caring at who’s expense, which is the only harm they see and are okay ignoring for their personal benefit. 

Lots of private tech magnates think of themselves as a shadow government because they are data mining and monopolizing everything, including funding every individual in place of power, across the board.

For more perspective, COVID closures ruined small artists, business owners, etc. while monopolies gained back everything online small businesses opportunities & promotion to artists, self published people, etc had taken from them, and some more, including government funds through acclaimed benefits the trillion dollar private tech and business sector offered while small businesses were exsanguinated – add musk buying twitter, crapping about all other social media and overall being online, but twitter, particularly his obsessions with facebook, a site that became what it did and profited from online business owners and the growth of through advertising, though selling out to self serving and monopoly interests because stocks.

When you add the significance in whistleblowing, addressing human rights abuses, talking and exposing wrongs like slavery and trade, etc., and how Musk, Grimes, Iger, Heard affiliates are all paid, protected and funded of not themselves partaking in human rights abuses worldwide (besides coups, see the horrendous anti LGTBQ stances being promoted and how Grimes has profiled herself in the middle of it – China bans effeminated looks, Grimes poses with Communist manifesto, months later is on the cover of China Vogue magazine, mind you was a rip off on my art on my actual birthday, non the less see the horrendousness posing as pro LGTBQ while being paid, protected promoted by anti LGTBQ, simultaneously.

There is also slavery, both her and Musk also taking pro china stands when I wrote an article that the American government used to pass laws, without giving me any recognition, and later celebrating the people harming my life who also promoted more pro slave trade, as protest for sensible laws around slave trade with China, etc. Don’t forget Uyghurs are enslaved and harmed, forced into this for life without choice or ability to scape, and how it is over their harmless beliefs on Allah; they aren’t jihadists.

The same government months prior, financed and backed jihadists in Afghanistan, directly by Xi himself, and late 2022, Saudi Sovereign Crown, which includes aspirer to the throne Prince Salman, rolled the red carpet for Xi, near the anniversary of policy passed to address slave trade in China, where Muslims are abused, while jihadists are promoted, protected and financed, by the same leader and government claiming it’s not slavery, it’s “re-education” to make sure they don’t commit religious based terrorism, or crimes, including bs of “for women rights”, while encouraging the Taliban to go dark ages on Afghan women. Amber Heard a poser with orphans in Afghanistan lying about donating her riches from her Depp marriage to orphan there, their letter number symbol forced alignments, and even crimes occultism, further prove how rotten all of this is, both my case and beyond it. Don’t forget their very pro Nazi stances and “jokes”.

Not only this, but people like them, this including bend over members like Grimes, Amber Heard, Eliza Bleu, Orion Carloto, etc., lending themselves fully aware and willing, not only to causing harm, but simultaneously glamourizing what truly is happening in the few power places where democracy, human rights and freedoms are still “somewhat something” (see the horror of my case, the police and others ignoring physical assault reports of myself and my child, while talking about Musk and Grimes out of their own accord, and what ignoring all/ any of my case will guaranteed bring in time before you know it to everyone, unavoidably).

“We can coup whoever we want, deal with it.” – Elon Reeve Musk, Claire Elise Boucher/ Grimes, Amber Laura Heard, Robert Allen Iger, affiliates – 2019 out of Elon Musk’s mouth through twitter, as he is questioned over the destruction of democracy and stability in Bolivia, all done in wanting the Lithium there, nothing else but, reap resources from a foreign country.

There’s of course, so much more, political and non political of abuses, harm, injustice, oversight by officials governments, cops, etc.

Stop pretending I am not okay as a living being to interview, reply to online, address in person, etc, while you willingly beg for the attention of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, thieves convicted of these crimes and or openly known them admitting (we can coup whoever we want, Ukraine is now property of Russia, Taiwan should feel eulogized China wants to absorb their economy for the benefit of Xinjiang & Beijing, it’s the price of doing business america, etc – to quite a few of their own literal statements done publicly); even if I was god in the flesh, an alien, etc, I’ve never done any but of wrong, and a participating in society, where these same people trying to deny me justice have ripped off and benefited from my work against my will and without recognition and payment, while also eulogizing those harming my life and the world, says a lot about what is grasping straws for wrong doing and what isn’t.

Toronto, ON


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