“No pain, no win” it goes the saying.

Yet, we find ourselves disturbed by the thought of having to face what is necessary to be done, in order to be able to manifest a stronger, better version of ourselves.

Fear fills our minds, and we don’t even realize how much pain is lived when we stick to pursuing the wrong things.

The avoidance of pain leads to disturbance of peace and pain regardless of trying continuously to avoid facing fears.


A wheel of repetition and it gets dull to anyone who is awake beyond the physical.

Subconsciously the brain knows more than at first surface anyone may notice; it guides us to the things we need most.

When we experience pain and sickness, it’s because we are been resistant to flowing in balance with the all.

It’s not to say that we do not need to feel, or that feeling is wrong, nor that all unwanted is meant to be and should be accepted; it rather is about understanding ourselves, and the world outside us.

Our bodies are our temples, and that one particular thing that will be with us through it all. It’s the tool where we live; it’s the tool that helps us talk to the world outside of us. When our house is hurt, we are too, and this affects all aspects of our world.

What we feed the body, what we do, what we hear, what we keep alive in thought, all has an impact on the person we are all the time; again, it is never limited to ourselves but also the world outside of us.

What is optimal?

It isn’t about being deprived of all things, but instead select better for our own wellbeing. The more better we select as we build our lives, then the more improvement we get to see, and again, not just for ourselves, but as a default, it flows outwards for the benefit others around us.

A happy body is a body that feels whole, and filled with strength. The healthier we select by being mindful of how we fuel and how we maintain been active, the more opportunity it has to heal, but also to improve.

It isn’t easy.

From a personal perspective, I have dealt with both body pain, but also low self-esteem since I can remember. I never thought of myself as worthy of anything amazing; I always thought of others and their worth above mine, never noticing where I fell in all of it.

Having health difficulties lead to struggle, and from there depression. It is a sort of hell to be wrapped in, and keeps on spiraling downwards until we can’t escape it.

That’s why we have extremism in our world; because it isn’t easy to awaken, but it is internal and a work to be done alone as everyone else has their own way to walk.

All advice is meant to point the way, not to walk us there while we ignore the work on our hands.

While I am not in the optimal form I wish to be, I am a work in progress. I do not quit on my wellbeing, even against the diagnosis of sickness and the limitations that western medicine guides us with.

I have a lot of health difficulties, yet, I beat the odds by a big shot because I work with all my heart into what I believe is for the better of myself and also to the world I’m a part of.

I’ve had the external difficulties too, as well as accidents, and the unfairness on where justice needed to arrive.

My heart has been broken by people I once called family and today are no longer in my life, by the promise of “love if only”, by friends that pretend, only to aim their knives into our trust.

I make bad choices at times because of convenience and not been more thoughtful.

I doubt myself, I still get anxiety attacks, and I get nervous, and I get overwhelmed, and I know a lot to handle is indeed a big number that keeps on advancing infinitely.

I also know peace; it has always been within.

At my saddest and crushed, I have had a watch beyond the human; not only for the outside threats, but also for the intangible things like dealing with chaotic emotions and demoralizing thoughts; we have modernly named this power intuition, others call it deities, angels, and all the invisible archetypes you can think of.

There is more than just bunches of human working hard to control and con people by putting effort into the wrong things.

The voice of the all, is in all – it truly is not meant to be complicated.

The lower reasoning is the voice of ego. To the ego, complicated is essential to its long and “prosperous” life.

Ego does not want wellness and this is easy to tell by looking at the information we already have.

What is wellness?

Wellness is the absolute balance of all the things we need, and have by default in nature.

This requires that best interests are prioritized, and ego overlooks its ways because pleasure is sought out from the suffering of others, rather than from the work of improving ourselves.

If in ego the best was a priority, we wouldn’t suffer for any cause.

As any good con artist, the ego is deceiving; think of what some call demons like parasites that take over our ideals and if we are not wise, even the most noble of all can be tricked and deceived to the point of being broken or corrupted in the path of no return.

It is difficult to break the spell of jaded ideals; like a curse, it sticks around aiming at breaking and tricking the individual into false beliefs and resolutions.

Obsessive and blind make cocktails of disaster. Add turmoil, and ego is having a field trip with all the people it lures into its trap.

We have the option to awaken now, and it is best to heed it on time as it is far more difficult to heal when we walk too far away from wellness.

We shouldn’t feel hopeless when the message of positivity is out, but complacent is not a position to take either.

The best this world has to offer is not limited to some, but in all; if we heed the wisdom, we awaken.

Make a plan focused on your healing and improvement that you are able to keep, and you will not be disappointed over the years if you focus on you, and let go off what lowers your zen.

By Angel Pendragon.

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