Wanting attention isn’t necessarily a problem, until it becomes the motivation and only goal.

Attention needs to only be sought after with the purpose to communicate an important need, be of awareness, or intellect.

To want the platform, the microphone for the proper motive.
Even in statements such as what it means to exercise freedom of will in any of its forms, it requests that no other freedoms are infringed for self gain and pleasure.

Balance. In the laws of all that is, in the way we live and build.
Purpose. It asks of us to look for better motivators, to want what sets the inner world alive. Unleashing all the potential that lays dormant within.

Before we may know what is needed by others, attention to our needs and overcoming challenges would provide far more beneficial in the long term, not only for the individual, but for the world that surround them; as an extension, the whole.

No hold back of facing the mental fears, and uncomfortable things that have played a role in our lives, not matter our place in it all, not matter our innocence in the hard stories that play out as we walk.

The fear of been left out by society, when society is composed of those whom don’t know better? There is nothing to be fearful of by rising alone in what we believe as most honest and wholesome.

Until we are able to act in union with our inner values – the written language in us, we cannot accept what is already in front of us, because blindness gets the best of our better vision.

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