The Flaw Of The Pursue Or Label Of Atheism As A Means To Attack Other Faiths

Many love to remark their faith, or religious association, and other beliefs that are of similar approach, although not socially recognized as a religion.

The label itself has a meaning and a definition of what it entices to be a part of this brand.

The person who uses this label to group themselves as being something, however, is in denial of the fact that it does not change reality, but rather corrupts the mind and decisions of the holder; the front of something is the priority over the actual actions and work behind improvement.


In all faiths there are values which when observed without holding judgement and favoring one over another, it allows the observer to understand more or less they all relate in their fundamental values. Live a life with motive, cause no harm, improve not destroy the world around or of tomorrow – afterlife or not. Ideally also be wise with the balances of mind, feeling, and body’s treatment if you wish to live a long life that is full of all around wealth and health.

In extremism people do not understand the values of the very faiths they proudly enjoy to associate themselves with. In other words, they like to use the labels, but do not practise the values that these hedge in.

It is a word that they understand can be used as a social shield.

In this same fashion, those who are non believers of whichever faith, can be more of damaged faith pushers in their ways, than just trying to talk about their knowledge to those of extreme practise. They become another form of extremism in their method of reaching for the world, that in exchange creates chaos and destruction of wellbeing and unity.


If an individual is focused on the wisdom in their faith, or knowledge outside faiths, the fundamentals remain that it is best to work improving the life we want to foster, and not on taking out the dissatisfaction of life or self created mental disturbances on others because they remind us of what we neglect.

In faith, the leaders and pioneers were individuals that wanted to heal themselves, and through their ability, heal the world or to the least help it in any way possible.

There is a popular saying that preaches how these individuals weren’t the religions that now after their passing, have taken their teachings and created their own modulated forms of systems to regulate the way people form their beliefs and build their lives.

There is nothing inherently wrong with organizing and learning, while also building together. The problems manifest through perverse goals that seek to trick and control others for personal gains.


The philosophies and teachings of knowledge as well as theologies, are meant to help the thinking process of what the human undergoes in life.

The idea of the all is that in our interconnection we are living and building incessantly; having an intellect above other animals allows us to either improve or cause mistakes because of our kept thoughts/ideas. The end of humanity comes from what is within the human mind, and what exactly is prioritized.

A lot of speculation is made of alternative forces, however, historically speaking, there is plenty of evidence that proves human behaviour influences all actions, and these actions are apart of the world outside the self, because of the feeling within in all individuals.

In order to heal the world, the philosophies and faiths have to be observed at the heart of their values. The division and chaos of creating conspiracy of what needs to be addressed open and honestly only contributes to furthering the brokenness in the world.

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