Some Background As My Story With Elon Musk, His Wife Grimes And Technocracy (Draft)

Posting my notes for those who follow these stories on my social media, as well as to share a part of my life that although is unpleasant, it is eye opening to the world, and a world matter that has to be honestly and openly talked about, regardless of how uncomfortable as it makes those who do not know what is life like outside bubbles, be.

Always, thank you for reading.

~Angel Pendragon~

I do not intend to make my site about vile people, as it is not essentially something that I want to focus on, however been directly affected by particular people for extremely vile reasons – speaking a peace message amid taunting of nuclear from irresponsible people given too much access and power over the lives of the rest of us, it is vital for myself and others that I do speak openly and honestly about my experiences, as well as the things I have come across by been forced to research harmful people in society that have a false facade of “helpful” or “benefiting” the world.

Seen that a lot of people are finally opening their eyes to the corruption and falsehoods surrounding Elon Musk and his wife Claire Elisse Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, I thought I should point some factors that seem to be overlooked while people try to focus on nonsense, like insult exchanging or non inflammatory issues, almost making it seem like Musk, Grimes and their circle of affiliates are simply victims of digital trash talk.

Elon Musk is not a kind human, nor is he thoughtful of the things he says as matter of fact, misleading and creating disinformation online. It is not difficult to talk of what he himself along those around him of his “exclusive” circle put out personally along their media releases.

Condemning certain people that have engaged in creating large harm not only in the USA, but across the planet, while skipping the harmful actions of certain other individuals, that are also ironically in the same circle, shows still the disconnection between justice for all, and elitism, paying their way to legal crime.

Some examples of public actions by Elon Musk, and his current wife and mother of one more of his sons, Grimes, include Musk’s and Grimes pro pedophilia messages embedded in their public activity, media, and social media posts; some of their actions have been of their individual selves long before getting together, like heavy drug use and promotion, through social media, as well as the use of NDAs and other forms of controlling the narrative of their lives. They also have been in the same social circles as it is noted in their own public statements and again, social media posts, of themselves with same friends or the same group, for years.

Grimes twitting about anime (Japanese cartoons) end of 2019 knowing the particular anime she promoted was all about sexual interactions of teens with older men. Liberace the person Tesla website quotes to sell sexualizing shorts is a known pedophile & statutory rapist; the quote on the website is quite gruesome too: “entertain like Liberace”.

Elon Musk also made sure to have many news outlets write about these shorts, skipping two parts in the promo, one where the shorts have an acronym on the side which reads: “S*ck Elon’s C**k”, and the Liberace reference, for obvious reasons.

Elon Musk has been linked to well known, deseased elite international pedophile ring leader Jeffrey Epstein several times too, before the promotion of these shorts by Musk and Tesla, summer of 2020.

Elon Musk government coups across the planet, Musk’s harassment and attacks on people like the original founder of Tesla Martin Eberhard, Musk tricking his very first wife Justine into signing her rights away even before he was anything of the sorts of what you read about him at present (which shows Musk’s calculative and manipulative character is old news), the many whistle blowers that have come forward from his companies and even personal life, plus personally experienced: abuse of customer data, targeted harassment online and in real life, plus plagiarism with the support of his wife Grimes who is also known for tricking people into NDAs, as is Musk before they both got together spring of 2018 (talk to transform project of Musk, Neuralink and Grimes is one of many examples of plagiarism of my artistic works).

In my experience, all of these things came to be shortly after because I twitted a peace message to North Korea after the false nuclear missile alarm in Hawaii, January 2018, the same time that the president of the USA was risking not only American lives, but that of the rest of us across the planet, as nuclear holocaust is not an isolated circumstance.

My actions going against Trump’s nuclear taunts, combined with what I didn’t know then, Elon Musk having sat in Trump administration from the very start, as well as Tesla been closely tied to the same things that Cambridge Analytica is very known for when it comes to politics and also the abuse of personal data, and myself been a social media supporter and customer of Musk and his ventures, made me a target of hatred, keeping in mind my positive message, and stance even before my actions.

Data mining been part of the things that have essentially contributed to the coercion and even brainwash of people through social media – things that coined terms like alternative facts, what myself and other often refer to as cultist mentality, etc., these things have played a huge role into the harassment and pain myself, and others have had to experience, hence my focus on explaining and helping others understand what technocracy does in society over time; the things that people like Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden have given their comforts to allow the world to know these awful things exist, not for themselves but to help peace and freedom be more than mere carrots on sticks chased endlessly, a possibility.

Once you go further back to Elon Musk and his circle’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein, to having Saudi oil oligarchs back his “420 funding secure” tweet, that got him and Tesla under investigation from the S.E.C., adding old and present Tesla vehicles, software and customer service issues, then it’s easy to understand that it only takes true facts to speak openly about what is wrong with Elon Musk, his wife Claire Boucher, his circle of affiliates like Kanye West, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, former president Donald Trump, etc. and the companies Elon Musk runs.

Some examples of the companies that Musk runs and the fallacy he has created around them include Starlink that has polluted the skies, affecting space exploration by scientist as per scientists themselves.

Neuralink which is a dangerous promoted fallacy, that also has attracted the beliefs of control microchips planted against will, not to mention the bogus claims by Elon Musk that have been heavily debunked by actual neuroscientists.

Tesla which is selling cars with serious safety issues that have costed many people’s lives, plus also software that is severely underdeveloped, as spoken by experts and obvious by the posted tweets of many Tesla users; severely abusing data mined by different means; one more example of this on customers complaining about software purchased on their phones against their will that is worth thousands of dollars per purchase and nonrefundable (FUD*).

This is not counting too the whistle blowers of SpaceX that have talked about sub-parts been purposely overlooked, and not hard to see when observing how rockets melt without even taking off, and how Musk makes sure to have media that says otherwise, calling it success and celebrating basic actions that other tech in America and across the world have been managing to do for many years.

Also to keep in mind, the only limits to space exploration at present for humans is in fact the human body; after all when you look at satellites like Hubble been launched across space, not to mention the solar probes, the Saturn probes, etc. it shows there is no issue launching up and returning machinery across space successfully, but the human body is not a machine, it’s lighter; you’d think it’d be easier by the logistics of rockets, however, the human body cannot withstand the levels of radiation found across space, and even machines have limited life spams of what they can withstand.

Back to other whistle blowers coming forward, how there is technology used by Tesla and Elon Musk for his personal use that are essentially advance espionage tools that go as far to be able to see live what people are doing on their devices anywhere in the world (Sean Guthro testimony); anyone who is a bit familiar with NSA and other government espionage programs understands how this is a huge abuse of human rights, across the planet by a private corporation and its CEO.

I’ve barely glossed over some of several factors that expose easily what is wrong with Elon Musk, his circle of affiliates and the companies he runs, particularly Tesla.

Elon Musk making himself trend as richest man in the world, at the exact same time as Americans are trending the mourning of over 4K deaths in less than 24 hours, not to mention how it keeps climbing, from just COVID, and the capitol rioting that showed the division and the harmful mentality that threatens the freedoms of Americans and democracy, so much even after elections, trials, there is still uncertainty among Americans, a nation that has often been looked as a beacon of hope.

This also shows he doesn’t care about the same country that has given him billions of dollars in government funding alone, not counting private investors, share holders, loyal customers, exclusive government contracts, etc., the same man who has downplayed how COVID has affected most of the planet, the same man that said COVID would be essentially gone a year ago, the same man who claimed as matter of fact kids were immune to COVID from his privilege bubble, the same man that had to only send a brief tweet to Trump to have his non essential billions corporation reopened while he barely had closed it, while other hard working non government funded businesses had to keep close, some people even loosing their hard earned and built businesses because they prioritize human lives over their personal benefit.

I could go on but if this alone doesn’t make you recoil at the idea of elevating vile people to a false sense of positive status quo, then this is why society is broken the way it is. It shouldn’t come to surprise that the more people overlook the evil rising, the worse things get. If history doesn’t teach, it sure repeats itself, though it, like any lesson we don’t learn in life at first sight, it worsens in time.

My last thoughts are, why is it okay to criticize Trump, and certain other people for their views on COVID? when you have elitists such as Elon Musk that not only make huge false and misleading claims, but essentially goes against everything every other citizen of the world has had to abide by, without as much as a single honest talk about who he is, and what he has done, as well as those around him.

Also, why does he seem to get elevated and validated as a thoughtful person? when he has been such a thoughtless individual to the things that have taken the freedoms of most humans at present at the blink of an eye, the health, finances, and even the life of so many, not to mention what he has been discovered as when it comes to the freedoms of data and privacy of others.

~Angel Pendragon~


A site to check some statements by Musk:

Something from customers online:

  • people calling him nerd
  • ” calling him scum
  • celebrities complaining about silent cat killing machines when it comes to tesla
  • Grimes a millionare taking government funding & people writting she’s innocent that her label did it for her
    -Elon Musk equal money funneling techniques through government funding (CERB credits)
  • Grimes pedophilia anime tweets
    -Grimes pro fascism exchange with Zola Jesus
    -Grimes gloating of who Jeffrey Epstein was while also Musk is talking about the same thing as if it’s something to glorify – blackmail and elitism
  • Elon Musk tricking of NDAs also when he indirectly threatened Ashley Vance so Musk could insert footnotes on the book been written. As per Musk words: “I can make your life easy or very diffucult”
  • Grimes having people sign NDAs too even before getting with Musk too her bf and people who have collaborated with her, who have referred her as a bully
  • elon musk matter of fact “bet you a signed dollar pedo guy” tweet like if he knew for certain but never bringing actual evidence forward of his accusations, however having the staff of the rescue mission stalked and studied by private investigators he also hired. His connection to espionage tech does raise the question. Grimes gloating about such things along Musk himself, does add more damning evidence.
  • elon musk SEC acronym tweet
    -Enterntain like Liberache on Tesla website & who liberace was
  • elon musk having himself written as simply taunting the SEC
    -elon musk links to Jeffrey Epstein
  • who jeffrey epstein was
  • Government coups
  • Attacking and destroying the original founder of Tesla motors
    -tricking his first wife Justine into an NDA, her own words in article after the first divorse
  • grimes mistreating her bf who she dumped as she decided to debut officially on the red carpet her relationship with musk, having James her ex, sign an NDAs as well
  • how Grimes circle is known for harrasing and targetting people, the story of Poppy and Mars Argo, how Mars Argo was harrased by Titan Sinclair.
  • How Poppy has collaborated many times with Grimes, and how their lyrics are promoting essentially violance, rioting, looting and destruction of businesses.
    Not to mention the doll and master mentality as how Poppy’s relationship with Titan sinclair is similar to that of Grimes and Musk, to also account how Poppy is plagiarism of Mars Argo’s original works, though Mars Argo used to date Sinclair and work with him previously, in the case of Grimes and my artworks, perhaps that was also an attempt of Musk with indirects trying to claim ownership of myself because of my abilities, since I am self made? nontheless,plagiarism from a similar situation of doll and master copying an original artist, as attempts to remove original person from their own lives
  • Whistle Blower drug dealer
  • Whistle Blower Christian Balan
  • Whistle Blower Karl Hansen
  • Whistle Blower Martin Tripp
  • Whistle Blower Sean Guthro
  • Some of my situation, stalkers, even physical harm “Someone throwing a rock at me outside my building”
  • “Talk to Transform by Musk, Neuralink, and Grimes”, My North Korea pro peace message
  • Elon Musk sits in Trump admin
  • Executive of Cambridge Analytica turns into whistle blower and exposes Tesla and cambridge analytica digital manipulation that has essentially affected things like Brexit and prior to 2020 elections in the USA.
  • Musk thanking his cult on Twitter
  • Twitter removing tweets and people from Twitter in behalf of Musk thogh no violation of twitter rules, but people and tweets that expose with substantial evidence Musk’s damaging behaviour, and Tesla abuses on customers which have essentially cost lives across the planet.
  • Jeffrey Epstein talking about his connections with Musk, his assistance with the 420 trial, how Musk himself said the Saudis got his founding backed, and how data minning is more valuable than oil itself.
  • Beloved Swidish musician Tim Bergling, popularly known as international sensation “Avicii” passing away in Saudi territory, on april 20th 2018 (april 20th known internationally as 420) dying by exanguination (bledout), as well as the Valentine’s day shooting in Parkland Florida on February 14, 2018 and Musk with Grimes talking about “Musk’s favorite songs from Grimes” being: “Kill V Maim” & “Flesh Without Blood” very shortly after the events; shows their blatant disrespect and disregard for others. Let’s not forget that months later Musk would quote Saudis were helping him take Tesla private when the stock was at 410, but Musk spicifying in his tweet “am taking Tesla private at 420, funding secure” by Saudi Investors.
  • Some problems with Tesla are: Battery bursting into flames suddenly locking and killing passangers and drivers, Sudden accelation causing deathly crashes, Sudden breaking, something coining the term online “Whompy Wheels”, severely underdeveloped autonomous driving been used by many Tesla customers and Tesla constantly overselling the feauture as autonomous as far having people be completely distrated or inatentive behind the wheel. Some examples include even people fuly asleep.
  • starlink reports by Astronomers as affecting sciences
  • neuralink been debunked by actual neuroscientists, but also myself been messaged by different people talking about chip implants and mind control, some which persisted I had one, and that they too have one. I do not have any chips nor is such technology factual, however I had someone named Claire ironically try to talk about microchip implants on other musicians and how they were affected by people under “chip influence”. Suggesting a trail of misinformation been attempted as part of the promotion of such dangerous claims behind a tech.
    Musk denying to take vaccines while people who are his cultist also align with Trump and the whole “chips been distributed through vacciness” adds grim perspective to these digital games I myself are often attempted to be wrapped in with these people making grandeous and extreme claims.
  • Grimes shows her disrespect for mindfulness and spiritual values through her attempt to talk about veganism and things like mindfullness practices, stating things like she is vegan, hates and despices fruits and vegetables, and hotdogs are perfect alternatives to vegans who have meat tendencies.
  • Grimes called multiple times over racist commentary, including lyrics in her music 2019
  • Many customers complained in 2020 about their Tesla apps showing with purchase of software that is worth thousands of dollars per purchase and also non – refundable.
  • SpaceX whistle blower
  • Elon Musk media press releases on exploded rocket been talked as success
  • Sean Guotro’s testimony talks about spionage technology he’s never seen before. It can be read in one article “When Elon Musk set out to Destroy a Whistle Blower”
  • elon musk collects government funding worth billions from across the planet just in summer 2020 alone not including investors, shareholders, etc.
  • Elon Musk downplays severety of COVID with the desire to keep his non essential business factories open while Americans that are more at risk financially are forced to abide by rules. Musk simply had to tweet to Trump and Trump gave him a pass.
  • Musk states as matter of fact COVID would be gone by April 2020, and kids are immune

-Musk makes himself trend the riches man in the world the same day that over 4.5K Americans died of COVID in less than 24hours, and the same day that the Capitol is been attacked

  • COVID has reached over 400K deaths more since
  • Musk talks about Florida underground transit system, making large claims without factual knowledge of the topology of the state.

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