How can justice be served, when chaos runs rampant, saying it holds the key to it?

Forgetting about balance as the true path to better days.

How do men forget that Almighty is the hand of all that is?

The saying is “insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” their methods surely begets the question if they understand beyond their egotistic pursues.

Imagine trying too hard where meaning is lost, because of oversight by the looking crowd, trying to see what is on plain sight, thinking it knows more, because in ego ways they believe destructive positions glossed in the fallacy of glory are the box to check for, in the measure of knowing the path to build on.

The folly of men is their lack of understanding what their own hand sows and harvests, their own choice is by default benefit or demise; no glory of the wicked is ever to last, not by another hand, but ignorant corrosive error is that, and by its very design it lacks.

The aftermath; not human, or physical, nor the thoughts of wicked women nor of egotistical men, but simply the outcome of all that is or isn’t chosen at one time.

Foolish to think shelving it for what ifs or trying to fool the believed enemy, when ironically is the erroneous mind, misleading by the things favoured in the dark.

How ignorant and how lost, is the desire to grip the world, thinking the mortal mind that doesn’t know itself at present, or of its own origins, can truly own what far beyond its monkey fingers, what is not even of their thinking ability, let alone materializing its truest positives.


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  1. Poetry is not the focus of this site, but since it is a philosophical observation aligned with the topics I post about, I thought to upload it here.

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