Corrosive Mentalities

In an ironical undertake, everyone whom unfairly caused pain, left one thing to be thankful for; creating perfect examples to expose what’s wrong with today’s world.

The path of healing or hell is within all, and as a collective each have the necessity to participate towards wellness instead of hatred, if better is the wish in mind.

It all depends on the actions we take, because of the feelings we allow to influence our perspective of how things are meant to be, or the comfort fallen into as everyone favors complacency.

We have to stand up for the fair parts of life, as much as end off with what holds us still from all we want, but be kind and wise at the same time in all our acts; otherwise we fail and in ego call it a win, as to think deceiving oneself changes the outcome of action favored within.

Pain creates a blindfold, while telling us is for our wellbeing that trickery is how things should be.

If we do not pay attention to the things that need fixing, nothing of the wished will become as wanted; it takes dedication not war, and a heart that understands rather than egocentric desires arising from jaded minds.

We all deserve shielding from damaging extremes; protection from self harming justifications and the external damage caused by everyone that has lost control of their emotions, crushing peace.

Utterance of needs is best using patience as a light, rather than pretending guidance from creating rehearsed messiahs to fool another mind; denial of the honest facts.

We are masters, yet are bound by the laws of all; we cannot cause destruction and call it creating devotion if the acts don’t match. We are only able of manifesting with the things at hand – not those wanted in lust, but those that are in our hearts.

Angel Pendragon.

I read a motivational article about another beautiful person this morning, and was inspired to finish these words I’ve been working on since Friday. It started as a poem then, but I found the words lean towards article material today and thought to post it as such then.

It’s wonderful to see others doing their thing, and those been inspired by the words been shared over the years, and particularly the heavy message I have had to live in the flesh this year; I know although I did not go seeking for the chaos, there are many that have gone through similar misery and evil dawning persecution because we stand for honest values.

All is worth it when I see the positive outcome of all my work both in myself and whatever outside I’ve been able to observe. Thank you for your kindness, and for also lighting a flame of wisdom in your hearts and lives. I wish all of you always the best, not matter where life takes us.

Our most precious asset is within us in our hearts and minds; never forget it.

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