Biden, Political Matters VS. Distractions

Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden.

Trust is built through open honesty, not denial.

Organizations are kept optimized to their known reasons to exist – fundamentals of life, not to few or personalized standards.

When any of these or other foundations of society are out of balance, there’s self destruction; there’s this war which has already shown how unpleasant many things are and will be increasingly if not accepted as it is in reality by all of those involved.

Part of the reasons why I have talked about these points for years, now in obvious real life experience perspective, not only speculative, or anecdotal to myself.

Doesn’t matter who you like or don’t, respect or not, value alive or not, what you believe on or not.

The outcomes of war will impact and affect significantly increasing and worse than the already existing climate issues, weather you believe they exist too or not, doesn’t change what is, and as much as make believe generates income & power to those wielding these, the reality is, there is no escape from what it’s been ignored or worse, denied or not understood in actual life.

My thoughts back to the opening line of Hunter Biden are, openness allows people to see honestly what is, and allow for those who seek to gain more power for harmful reasons, to be seen as what they actually are.

 Opportunistic of situations to push destructive agendas, using the fragility of people in shock of other situations that while scandalous, and should be talked about in retrospect, shouldn’t matter more than what affects the world and social matters.

It’s important to learn to differentiate from shocking to lifestyle and harmful to, as also, not to dismiss harmful to world, because it covers itself as personal.

The truth allows the trust of public to be a possibility.

The more open and objective to reality over trying to glamourize wrongs, the more serious people see the focus is of leadership to better their lives, while accounting there’s more than few or those been lead, to a worldwide network of life, even beyond human, that matters as much.

Admitting wrongs doesn’t mean ignoring what is been done, or sudden purification of manipulative, destructive characters, but the opportunity to serve justice to those affected, also that for those doing wrongs in position of power, are not further enabled to be in places they simply cannot do well, particularly affecting the wellbeing of others and even social structures of value as well.

The wrongs of one person aren’t of other, as much as people can conspire to evil actions. Telling the difference of all angels for which things are done or happen, is part of the better judgement we have, or don’t.

As per matters of political correctness, more than pointing people’s personal choices, is how any choice, personal or not affects the way they do things for others, keeping in mind their positions of power, public or not.

That’s the only focus that should be made on these matters.

The other are life lessons and observational points, with learning and teaching opportunities.

Never forgetting dismissing wrongs while overemphasizing that certain things are personal, is the means used by those taking advantage of others, and those causing other forms of damage, trying to steer away from their full truths.

Liberal or conservative aren’t the only political parties in existence; very useful to note when both seem to be almost manipulative of their constituents, over respectful and focused on service to all versus self or few.

Political parties, the two popular in the north west, or not, aren’t anything more than empty labels; each person adds the good and or the bad, others have to evaluate for themselves, because there are those that seek to gain by deceiving.

As per political actions and people at present, particular to American examples, the current president, his son, previous president and party members along their actions, there’s a lot to account as fact at once, to make a fair judgement of what is happening, and differentiate personal taste and beliefs.

For perspective of my observations this far and further ahead, I will reveal or remind the personal fact, I the writer do not like Lady Gaga, who is friends with Grimes aka Claire Boucher, Elon Musk’s partner, who have copied, mocked, and stalked my art, philosophy, career, life, online and offline for multiple years because of like reasons as those she associates with. Gaga has been photographed with Biden, was few of the invited to inauguration of Biden’s presidency, and some believe is the same woman smoking with Hunter Biden in those leaked videos from the alleged laptop too. As much as these facts been so uncomfortably near cause alarm, doesn’t cross to others necessarily, and that is also important to account to truly understand fact from fallacy, without denying what is obvious, without exaggerating.

Objective to? The things that matter, not those that stir to manipulate emotions.

Fear, anger, hurt, etc. limit the mind from seeing there’s a larger picture that matters far more than limited/ small aspects, empty and devoid of better focus. Important to keep in mind that egotism, manipulation of truths, selfishness, lack of accountability might seem similar to going beyond limiting feelings, but the two aren’t the same.

There are evil people on all walks of life, in all forms of looks, personal and other forms of differentiation.

There are unaware people in all levels of life, and always an opportunity to learn or better something (not necessarily everything or everytime), as much as wrong to force the belief of these as real, when they are not.

In the case of what is happening in the US, there’s an obstinate, obsessive, fight over the resources and opportunities that leadership offers in America, which has a lot of foreign, local, private and not, interests trying to manipulate, and even overtake for small and or self serving purposes.

If there was anyone at top of leadership from the USA’s conservative party that was in it for the people, it should be notorious, over trying to make notorious someone that aims to manipulate the emotions of constituents based on the urgencies of their needs. Same applies to any other political party, or form of leadership, too.

Donald Trump was and has always being the face of the type of leadership that manipulates emotions, and this is why the American conservative party still endorses but also is trying to set grounds for the validation of Trump for 2024 presidency, that include overfocusing on whatever wrong, among cementing trust issues, or overstating the problems associated with actual issues, where it affects been able to address these properly, and create further harm, while also adding more to public division and or mistrust.

Being a conservative doesn’t make you a bad person, or wrong, same as being a liberal or any other label for that matter, but obstinacy on division to the point of ignoring the problems, lead the person to the wrong choices. The overfocus on things meant to distract too are blinding; balance.

Supporting people who are vile simply because there’s something personal attached, is blinding to the situation which leads to self destruction.

The issues of the present administration of presidency in the US shouldn’t be misconstrued for spite, or for affiliation, but observed objectively on what is of matter to their job in leading all people not mere few interests, to better, from where they are at present.

In a world that is ever expanding a ravaging war, it’s important to not lose sight of the important over distractions, and not to ignore the overwhelming judgement that rushes the mind, due to what manipulation of emotions does to the psyche, and ergo, our choices and actions.

Both political parties should be reformed by voters, not remade in fallacies or who attacks harsher opposition, while ignoring the wrongs on their hands.

If conservatives and other critics of present administration in the US, want to bring to attention issues that affect the public, the focus should be on exactly that, and how to address the problem, not on attempts to pretend one wrong or one right erases others.

The issues around Hunter Biden should be spoken openly, by Biden. Ignoring or deceiving about it is ammunition; easy to use against by those with interests on both, harming his presidency but also American people’s interests.

Given the destructive outcomes of civil wars, it isn’t difficult to see these actions been shaped already; insurrection being such a small example, again, keeping in mind the social climate at present worldwide. COVID, climate issues & war spreading further despair, disparity, and alarm among humanity, while those who sell false hope, profit from the panic they too contribute to cement, simultaneously selling themselves as saviours of their created hell.

Both parties are that, political parties; labels with ideologies that speak and turn at the emotions of voters.

What kind of people sit on the different positions of leadership under those labels are whom affect the present and future outcomes of social matters, and priorities should always have all life at top, for true advancement to happen, over the fallacy of what that is, as society is currently built upon. 

If greed, selfishness and other lower emotions continue to be prioritized, the process of analyzing is worthless, and corrupt; honesty of what is factual in reality over fabricated rhetoric are important to better ourselves and with all of our actions, personal and collective situations, the manner in which a thriving civilization is built.

~Angel Pendragon~

5 thoughts on “Biden, Political Matters VS. Distractions

  1. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it does not disappoint me as much as this particular one. After all, Yes, it was my choice to read, nonetheless I truly thought you would probably have something helpful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

    1. First and foremost, your comment is empty, devoid of value, and not about anything I posted.


      This is not a political blog, or blog of any kind; it’s a philosopher’s page (myself) and my thoughts on social matters plus.

      You are a bot/ fake/ propaganda/ set up gaslight type of account, here seeking lame attention to politize my things; Biden and Trump are both terrible politicians, sucking to the tit of tyrants.

      You too are a puppet of muk, grimes, heard, iger, a teslarati, Qanon, maga jihadists with no self thinking abilities.

      You are disappointed at your life, attacking someone you know you can’t measure to, nor have a valuable opinion to convey, or even a decent manner to state your point, whatever that is; besides feeling what you feel for yourself and channeling that, trying to make it on the page/ post you felt was least threatening to your miniscule intellect, and even then, due to self absorbance in ignorance, failed yourself.

  2. May I simply say what a comfort to discover somebody who genuinely knows what they are talking about over the internet. You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people ought to check this out and understand this side of the story. I cant believe you arent more popular because you surely possess the gift.

    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful statement. Lots of people see my stuff. Unfortunately due to the targeting I’ve mentioned on other posts, I get less of the people who need to understand these issues, and more of those benefiting from/ causing them.
      It is refreshing to see that my manners have reached some people, and help on the understanding, and addressing of these and like situations, if at least in some way.

      1. Thought to add, it is good to see support,though it isn’t what it should be; not so much plagiarism and erasing of an original person to get profit and recognition as it’s been done a lot, and even some of the comments guised as otherwise here, in mockery for the BS of Rococo Basilisk, as if they’d like that to themselves and or whoever they like/ love.

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